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Scale textboxes in the docker menues with the docker

Textboxes in the docker menues are not scaled with the docker. Only buttons where scalled. This is quite useless. If you have numbers that have five digits and decimal places more, you must scroll in the textbox to edit the number.
Joerg Eickholz 4 months ago in  0

Make object-specific calibration

Currently the calibration of an object (the 3x3 grid in the property bar) is a global setting. Each object should have it's own calibration as its property, not as a global setting.
Product Operations 9 months ago in  0

Increase the size of X/Y co-ordinate fields

Depending on the configuration for decimals or scale of the graphic, sometimes the values in the X/Y fields are too small for a lot of digits. Make the fields larger so that all of the numerals can be seen without clicking and cursoring.
Product Operations 9 months ago in  0

Colro Indications for PICK Tool - for easy identification of the active tool

when snap is on.... pick color changes black to red. if it is off it shows black. similaryly ... if an object is selected the handle color says what the object element type is... so that user clear identifies and works accordingly See the attachme...
sriram teegela 5 months ago in  0

Overprints and HIDE/SHOW Info on Status Bar

Either in Document Property or Status bar, there is no information about how many of the elements are overprinted OR hidden. I strongly belive that its a very big issue. if an element is overprint command is applied and should not turn on simulate...
sriram teegela 5 months ago in  0


As far as I know, I will suggest a feature that is not available in any 2D program. My suggestion is called Vector effect layer. ----Only black and white drawings can be made on the vector layer. Pictures can be placed. From the black gray white b...
yılmaz hoca 5 months ago in  0

LAB Tone curves needvto show Acred, green and B blue, yellow

Currently usng the cuve is blind, unless you understand LAB, your lost.
Guest 5 months ago in  0

superimposed lines

No description provided
Ernst Huber 2 months ago in  1