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Add the ability to select which objects render in full and which stay wireframe.

It would be useful to be able to select individual objects as wireframes so the document renders faster when working with specific objects. Including a simple button to switch to full render of all objects. This should theoretically improve the wo...
Robert Davidson 5 months ago in  0

Convert to curves (Ctrl + Q) page numbering

I want to convert to curves (Ctrl + Q) page numbering, a tool that has been incorporated in the latest version of Corel Draw, without losing the numbering sequence (1, 2, 3...), since I work as book layout design and I'm always using the prepress ...
Guest 5 months ago in  0


In our country Corel still isn't known enough for production related workflow. that causes some vector objects that has any kind of effect(FX) to become rasterized as bitmap,especially when exporting to pdf or other formats for the print service, ...
Guest 5 months ago in  0

CorelDraw Crash Log

We've all experienced Coreldraw crashes. Most however are due to reasons we can't explain. Sometimes it is as simple as moving and object. Maybe an object identified as a "lens" and we don't know what that is causes a crash. Maybe it's too many po...
Matthew Hoffman 5 months ago in  1

not idea but it's kinda bug

Hi There Reason For writing In hear Is that i cannot Find any Way To Report a This issue or kind a big I Have Downloaded The Corel Draw Graphic Suit 2021 Version - 23.0.0 Running As a Trial Because Just Want To Check The Interface Now After The...
Shubham Khatri 5 months ago in  0

Barrierefreies Layout mit Tags und Alternativtexten für PDF anlegen

Barrierefreie Gestalten wird immer mehr gefordert. Indesign von Adobe hat diese Funktion schon länger im Programm.Publikationen in Corel gestaltet müssen für die Erstellung einer barrierefreien PDF aufwändig mit anderen Programmen überarbeitet wer...
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Herramienta de simetría accesible con un Click

No description provided
Guest 5 months ago in  0

The SVG export with bitmaps is buggy.

The SVG export with bitmaps is buggy. Included bitmaps are sampled down uncontrollably.
Marco Jänicke 5 months ago in  0

Convert Outline to Object bug

I'm on a Mac, CD 2022. The convert outline to object is failing to keep the consistent width of the outline. A 2px line has several problem areas as you'll see in the example.This has happened repeatedly.
Nicholas Harvey 5 months ago in  0

Make Edit Text window non-modal

I have been using CorelDraw for over a decade and have always wished that typing in the Edit Text Window would update the main window text without having to close the Edit Text Window.
Guest 5 months ago in  1