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Add native support for WebP files in Photo-Paint and CorelDRAW

WebP format provides both lossless and lossy compression for working with images on the web. It´s becoming an standard graphic file format for digital design and website design, so it´s very important to add full support for the WebP file format i...
Anna Lopez - CORELCLUB-ORG about 1 year ago in  8 Shipped

Naming items directly in the Export docker

Directly active in the Export docker the possibility to name/rename the items that are in the list, before exporting them. It is not always part to the workflow to name groups, objects and pages. Naming at export time would be quite helpful.
Dicas do Greb about 1 year ago in  2 Shipped

Line thickness tool

I use CorelDraw to create cartoon vectors by using the pen tool. Would be great to be able to use a tool which would allow me to easily add a tappered point to my lines to have varying thickness. Similar to the line thickness tool in Illustrator.
Guest about 1 year ago in  3 Shipped

CorelDraw Customer Support - please provide SUPPORT

No description provided
Andrew Lidgard 4 months ago in  10 Shipped

Repair the eyedropper tool in the properties docker and find replace docker

The eyedroppers do not properly read colors
Guest 3 months ago in  3 Shipped

Allow paste of Windows 11 Screen captures without having to select the only option 'paste as bitmap'

No description provided
Andrew Baker about 1 year ago in  5 Shipped

Display the file names in New From Template dialog

The dialog update displays only thumbnails, and the file name is important for template workflows to differentiate the templates. Replace the template name in the grid and in the summary.
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  1 Shipped

Invisible Line Segment

To facilitate such operations as to not double the shape.(see image)
Scot Thomson 8 months ago in  1 Shipped

Ability to erase part of a line

When drawing a box e.g., would like to use eraser function to erase a part of the line image. Especially without using the bitmap function.
Guest about 1 year ago in  4 Shipped