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Status Shipped
Created by Dicas do Greb
Created on Mar 10, 2022

Naming items directly in the Export docker

Directly active in the Export docker the possibility to name/rename the items that are in the list, before exporting them. It is not always part to the workflow to name groups, objects and pages. Naming at export time would be quite helpful.

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  • Kürşad Çakır
    Sep 28, 2022

    Thank you, great.

  • Admin
    Klaus Vossen
    Jun 30, 2022

    We're happy to let you know that this suggested feature has been implemented with the latest update ( that was released earlier this week. You can now rename an asset or page in the Export docker (Windows) or Export inspector (macOS) by clicking the name label and entering a new name.


Being able to Name the Files in "export function"- not just the Suffix

When you have multiple things on one page it would be great just to name the grouped object instead of "Group of 9 Objects" Suffix and only be able to name the suffix that comes after it.
Kelley Lueck almost 2 years ago in  2 Shipped