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Advanced Antialiasing For Text

In programs such as photoshop and illustrator, I would like to have antialiasing features such as sharp crisp in corel draw, the antialiasing system of the corel draw program is quite bad, especially in texts.
Guest over 1 year ago in  10

text subject stops working

When i go to use text option it won't let me type. When I go to edit text that is already on the file it will let me move it delete but not edit. Instead a small little node shows up and does nothing. I have to save and then close the program and ...
Kelley Lueck 4 days ago in  1 More info required

Color Finder, Autogroup and auto trim etc.

I have my own macros panel with many functions which most of them need to add standart to corelDraw. 1 pic ) Fast color select2 pic) Autogroup, autotrim, autoweld (if objects intersect its one group)3 pic) Find or replace by object sample 4 pic) M...
mrDerevyashkin 3 months ago in  0

Link multipagina

Quando ci sarà una possibilità di importare i file multipagina in PDF e Corel con la possibilità di decidere quali pagine importare senza che queste si sovrappongano? grazie
Guest 4 days ago in  2 Already exists
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Make CorelDraw (windows 10) more stable

I have used CD for over 30 years and very much like the application. However, over the last few versions the application has become unstable in certain situations, the issue I have is not just me as I have read on the forum that many other users a...
Guest over 1 year ago in  17 Being explored

Move objects without having to click, hold down the click and drag. Less mouse fatigue.

It would be handy to move an object, maybe by using a 'move' command, where you select the object, then click where you want it to be without all the clicking and dragging. The clicking and dragging is causing me some repetitive strain injuries. M...
Andrew Baker 5 days ago in  0

Improvements to the Text engine in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW has decent text handling, but could greatly improve its business impact in the areas of editorial design with just a few badly needed enhancements to its word processing capabilities: Increased speed and smoothness of rendering on the sc...
Oscar Velázquez M. about 1 year ago in  1
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I'd love to be able to search the whole design for a certain color to be able to select all and change them all at one time!
Guest over 1 year ago in  5

Copy and Paste Pages

CorelDRAW's multipage view and multipage working feature is amazing. But i need to cut, copy and paste Pages. I need copy or cut the page then paste the page into another CorelDRAW document.
Kürşad Çakır 3 months ago in  3

Separation Preview On Screen

Please add seperation preview on screen feature. Prepress guys need this feature with show and hide channels (include DeviceN)
Kürşad Çakır over 1 year ago in  9