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Advanced Antialiasing For Text

In programs such as photoshop and illustrator, I would like to have antialiasing features such as sharp crisp in corel draw, the antialiasing system of the corel draw program is quite bad, especially in texts.
Guest about 2 years ago in  10

Add macro support to CorelDraw

Sometimes, you want to use a tool frequently, but its tiring clicking all the flyouts and options every time, perhaps make a macro feature, where you can record what you want, and activate it with a keyboard shortcut, or button available where all...
Nossy Drelich 6 days ago in  0

Add "Company" area for QR Code as vCard

Hello, I admire CorelDRAW's QR code generation system. No other program has such a detailed and easy-to-use integrated QR Code creation function. In the new version, multiple QR Code creation functionality has also been added with Print Merge. Thi...
Kürşad Çakır 4 days ago in  0

Duplicate objects in version 2024 doesn't work the same as in older versions

When duplicating an object with CTRL+D, the new object is not automatically selected. Previous versions of CorelDraw allowed you to create multiple duplicates with the same spacing if you held down CRTL+D.
Leon Claassen 5 days ago in  0

Save to an older version CDR file format by default

I want to save a file to specify a historical version and not the latest version.When my colleagues and I use different versions, it will be very difficult to share files because of the saved files in different versions. If the latest version of t...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0
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Make CorelDraw (windows 10) more stable

I have used CD for over 30 years and very much like the application. However, over the last few versions the application has become unstable in certain situations, the issue I have is not just me as I have read on the forum that many other users a...
Guest about 2 years ago in  17 Being explored

Color Finder, Autogroup and auto trim etc.

I have my own macros panel with many functions which most of them need to add standart to corelDraw. 1 pic ) Fast color select2 pic) Autogroup, autotrim, autoweld (if objects intersect its one group)3 pic) Find or replace by object sample 4 pic) M...
mrDerevyashkin 11 months ago in  1

Editing an image from CorelDraw in PhotoPaint

I cannot edit images directly in PhotoPaint in CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2023. It worked great in the X7 version. Now it doesn't work and it's a serious error! You are crazy to limit this!
Guest 12 days ago in  2 More info required
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Improvements to the Text engine in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW has decent text handling, but could greatly improve its business impact in the areas of editorial design with just a few badly needed enhancements to its word processing capabilities: Increased speed and smoothness of rendering on the sc...
Oscar Velázquez M. over 1 year ago in  1
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I'd love to be able to search the whole design for a certain color to be able to select all and change them all at one time!
Guest about 2 years ago in  7