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Why is there no barcode insertion option on Mac

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Guest 2 days ago in  0


double click the outline color and size tab bottom right... NOPE not there anymore! FIX IT! Or this program is getting UNINSTALLED and going BACK!
Guest 5 days ago in  2 Already exists

Automatically adjusting Date

When we are sharing Layouts and corrections with customers we always need to put in an actual date by typing it. Besides Visual Basic there is no automation that puts in the actual date automatically. We would love to see that function running in ...
Guest 6 days ago in  0

CPU-Time and Power Consumption

When I start CorelDraw, it takes at least 8% CPU. No file open, nothing else doing. So, what does it actually do, with my CPU? It's the only program in my circus, consuming CPU while doing nothing - this can't be normal and should be fixed. BTW - ...
Erich Grillitsch 7 days ago in  0

Add Find feature to the Objects docker menu to make finding similar objects easy

Right-clicking on an item in the Objects docker opens a popup menu. I suggest to extend it with the following options in order to avoid having to create search queries in Find: Select all objects of the same type (e.g. rectangles, circles, curves....
Guest 9 days ago in  0

Offer CorelDRAW Standard and Essentials for Mac

Not everyone wants, or needs the complete suite. Lower price points also are a big deal especially these days and with other choices in this software space. I don't understand why these choices are only offered for Windows users. Seems a no brainer
Guest 9 days ago in  0


I would like to start the line
Guest 10 days ago in  1 More info required

Set scrollbar background color in light and medium modes

The scrollbar background in both light and medium is white, thereby being practically indistinguishable from the workspace while doing most works. It would be great if it'd have a color so I (and perhaps others too) wouldn't keep accidentally clic...
Guest 10 days ago in  0

Hindi Devengiri typing or pasting in crashes coreldraw

Hindi Devengiri typing or pasting crash coreldraw everytime. Its the same problem coming all 2022, 2023, 2024 versions.
Guest 12 days ago in  0

Mesh fill vertices should be affected by snap settings

Mesh fill vertices don't seem to be bothered by any snap settings, they don't snap to anything. This is problematic when you try to shape a rectangular mesh fill into a particular shape, like a donut. Snapping feature would make it easier. Having ...
Guest 15 days ago in  1