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Renaming a page tab by double-clicking

Renaming a page tab by double-clicking
Guest about 3 hours ago in  0

il colore di sfondo della finestra mobile "Oggetti" sia modificabile /// the background color of the floating window "Objects" is editable

Se lavori con la finestra "oggetti" le miniature nere sullo sfondo nero della finestra mobile non si vedono, stessa cosa nel caso le miniature siano bianche o grigio chiaro su sfondo bianco. Sarebbe bello che lo sfondo della finestra mobile fosse ...
mauro paccagnella 3 days ago in  0

Using Corel for memorial design. (Vector plotter for cutting stencil.)

I've been exploring apps for memorial design and was hoping Corel would be a viable alternative. Im using Composer now but licenses are expensive and real color proofs are difficult to impossible.
Guest 4 days ago in  0

A app that works?

No description provided
jim Hagler 4 days ago in  1

Make activation easy

Seriously a pain in the butt for Volume Subscriptions. I can't wait until everyone sees the light and realizes Corel's paranoia about license misuse makes everyone celebrate GPL licensed software like the GIMP and Inkscape. I spend hours trying to...
Guest 4 days ago in  0

CorelDraw 2023 Mac

Der Fadenkreuzeditor funktioniert nicht auf Mac. Die Option ist in den Einstellungen aber vorhanden. Bitte als Update nachreichen.
Guest 5 days ago in  0

Adding colour to the document pallette using the Doc-pallette's eyedropper is erratic. The eyedropper in the toolbox is for some reason much more stable

I have found the document pallette's eyedropper often fails and I must use a roundabout way to enter a colour into the document pallette. Sometimes even this fails and the colours displays as a rich-black look in the document pallette.
Guest 5 days ago in  0

When importing a file, could the list of file-types show most-used extensions rather than the huge list of options always displayed from 'WSD' back upwards to about 'pdf'

When exporting a file, there is a nice display of options, based on one's most-recent exported file formats. When importing, however, in the drop-down one needs to scroll, each and every time, up a lengthy list to reach the file-types one is most-...
Guest 5 days ago in  0

Allow users to customize the ORDER of the tools in the toolbox, in particular, which tool is displayed

Whilst it is easy to add or remove tools, I use (for eg) the contour tool far, far more often than the drop-shadow tool. I don't want to lose the drop-shadow tool though, which means I cannot remove it, so it stays top of my tools list. I therefor...
Guest 5 days ago in  1

Please review the ability of the program to maintain default outline widths in millimetres (it seems to revert randomly to points)

I personally only use millimetres in my measurements. Unfortunately my defaults seems to be easily be changed... maybe when new files are opened, I am unsure. A way to robustly lock this measurement to millimetres would be good.
Guest 5 days ago in  0