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Advanced outlines

Currently, object outlines can only have parameters of weight, colour, and dashing. There should be more flexibility to defining the appearance of an outline. For example: Something that can look like railroad tracks The ability to stretch or repe...
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  3 Being explored

Calculate Area of Objects

It would be handy if Corel Draw calculated the area of an object similar in the way it can calculate the length of a curve under Object Properties
Guest about 1 year ago in  0

Corel Photo-Paint Resizes to fill screen if minimized when monitor config changes

This is more a bug report, than a feature request. CorelDraw does not suffer this problem, only Photo-Paint. If Corel Photo-Paint is minimized and you add a monitor, then when restore Photo-Paint, at least on my PC, it always opens to the size of ...
Colin 25 days ago in  0

Provide proper custome support. It does not exist.

No description provided
Guest 25 days ago in  0

Shortcut to Edit Fill Panel always changes the fill to Fountain

from status bar you double click to open the Edit Fill Panel and it maintains the current fill type. by using shortcut F11 or Edit Fill Panel Shortcut it always switches the Fill Type to Fountain, no matter which fill type you have.
Guest 25 days ago in  0

Exporting large format JPGs

In CGS2023 it is very difficult to export my 860x2080mm poster at same size and 600dpi. I go round in circles editing Transformation increasing figures. Changing 61% to 100% results in Resolution changing to a minus value. Ticking Maintain Size do...
Andrew Lidgard 25 days ago in  0

Text Kerning - add a tool to allow an 'optical' kerning.

I mainly use CorelDraw, but optical kerning isn't available in CorelDraw so I am forced to use Illustrator for this.
Andrew Baker almost 2 years ago in  5

alignment tool that aligns the left line of one object to the right of another & a top of an object to the bottom of another.

If you use Corel in the sign industry you use alignment commands constantly. It is more accurate than just using snaps. Since Corel Draw 5 I have been begging for the ability to use an align command as stated above. It would be used as much as you...
Guest almost 2 years ago in  4

Corel Draw for Students

Please, make a CD product for students with a school or university e-mail registration and, as AutoDesk, with a renovating 1 year trial.
Guest 26 days ago in  0

Curve Length displayed maybe in Obect Details

Normally you would go to Properties docker and click the 5th button, Curve and that would display the curves length. Too many extra steps and becomes cumbersome. It should also show lengths of Ellipses, Rectangle etc objects. Is it possible to pla...
Ron Wood 3 months ago in  0