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Edit>Select All>Dimensions

Add to Edit>Select All Dimensions. We use multiple scales in our files . iI would be help to Break Apart dimension en masse.
Bob Murdoch about 1 year ago in  1

Opening CDR files should run on the background! || very important

Please and Please, allow opening of other documents to load in the background. It consumes time opening another project while working on a project. And makes no sense that I have to wait till the project opens before working on the current project...
Guest 6 months ago in  1

Can we have Column, Column Gutter, Margin & Bleed option in Create a new document dialogue box

Hi TeamCan we have Column, Column Gutter, Margin & Bleed option when creating a new document in CorelDraw. It'll really help working with text & other elements while working on large documents. Thanks.
Deepal Soneji about 1 year ago in  0

Export to a file with a defined setting

When exporting a page to a PNG/JPG file, the program correctly assigns the previously defined pattern of settings, but the file settings do not change (in my case, the defined resolution). This requires changing the pattern to another and returnin...
Dawid 2 months ago in  2 Being explored

increase size & contrast of rulers

For myself and clients that use CorelDraw the latest versions have rulers that are very hard to see for aging eyes. I would suggest large rulers or be able to adjust size, as well as increase the contrast when using a light screen. The dark screen...
Guest 8 months ago in  0

Make Corel Draw more friendly with apple

I work with both, PC and Apple. And PC is more friendly
Guest about 1 year ago in  2 More info required

Update Calendar Wizard 4.2 to run in newer versions of CorelDRAW

Calendar Wizard is a neat script, and 4.2 makes it possible to save presets and specific holidays and load them from another computer. I need this functionality. Please either add Calendar Wizard 4.2 to the newest versions of CorelDRAW, better yet...
Ian Nelson about 1 year ago in  0

Update barcode formats

There are issues with ISBN and Code 128 not validating properly. The barcodes generated should be re-evaluated for relevance and standards compliance.
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

Improve SVG export

During SVG export a new CSS is always created. In practice, however, an existing CSS must be selected.At the moment, each SVG would have to be edited and the central CSS applied. The CSS should also be able to be exported separately. SVG and CSS...
Marco Jänicke about 1 year ago in  0

Add a user option to direct processing to a GPU

Having the graphics processing ran through a GPU, such as an Nvidia card, will speed complex processes and free from Windows intrusions.
Guest about 1 month ago in  0