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Double Clik to Preset for Create New Document

CorelDRAW 2022 September Update brings new Create New Document Window. It is good but we can not create new document when double click to preset icons. If user can create new document via double click to preset icon then it would be sense for use ...
Kürşad Çakır about 1 month ago in  0

Make CorelDRAW handle more complex vector art

Often complex vector created in other programs do not import correctly or at all. Higher volume shapes or nodes ALWAYS crash corel and you have to jump through hoops and create work arounds to get it to work.
Guest 7 months ago in  1

Bring "Print Merge" toolbar back, please.

"Print Merge" is a powerful and useful tool even there should have more advance function added, however the toolbar is not supported any more, too pain.
YUWEI TSAU 7 months ago in  3

Color Click Extreme (GDG Macro)

Please check out (i'll be glad to show you) this macro from GDG - I've paid $ annually for years to have access to this MASSIVE time saving macro.It quickly identifies colors across all pallets for solid fills, gradient fills, and outlines. Click ...
Eli Bernard 6 months ago in  8

Set the object's round corners feature like Adobe Illustrator

Set the object's round corners feature the same as in Adobe Illustrator.We already have this corner rounding mode in the program itself, but it is only possible to use it on rectangles.
Guest 9 months ago in  3

Exporting as Jpeg Measurement (Sizes) Off

I export to jpeg a lot and I have been noticing problems with the dialog box that pops up. The area where you can re-size is displaying the wrong numbers, wrong measurements. Seems like a glitch...
Guest 13 days ago in  0

the ability to - Publish to pdf - a rollover image or mapped region.

Indesign is able to Publish to PDF a rolloever image and or mapped region. This is a GREAT way to bring attention to an area.
Guest 13 days ago in  0

Create a tool animation or gifs

Nowadays, gifs are widely used in social media and whatsapp, it would be interesting to have a tool where we could create gifs or small animated movies within Corel itself, there could be pre-defined movements from points, and automatically create...
Guest 25 days ago in  0

The ability to use more than 1 dynamic scale in a drawing

It would be great to be able to have the ability to use more than 1 dynamic scale in a drawing, if scale could be assigned to a layer or object specific, like the illustrator plugin CADtools, it would make things so much easier.
Graham Brittain 6 months ago in  1

Ability to export entire page using the page tab

I often use print merge to document, creating multi paged documents. I then rename the page tabs to identify what each page is. It would be great to be able to click on that tab and 'export' to new document, and have it save by the name I gave to ...
Lorrie Russell 6 months ago in  1