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Create flow shape in CorelDraw

Modern design in some aspect do include the making or creation of Flow shapes, actually illustrator allow users to do that so I though, maybe CorelDraw or PhotoPaint should propose it too ... or a way to make/create same. Well, maybe it is possibl...
Arnaud Mez about 1 month ago in  0

Better support for graphical tablet

It would be nice if CorelDraw offered a better support for graphical tablet like the Wacom, Ugee brand. Ok thy work better with paint programs, but if these tablet could be used when you do manual tracing or use bezier tool, etc
Noel Richard about 1 month ago in  0

Universal installer

Every 12 months we get a new version of corel , And it takes about 6 months for our 3rd party plugin's to get a fix, Why cant you keep something universal , Many other programs do this, This makes the new versious only usable after it been release...
Guest about 2 years ago in  1

Bring back Upgrade Eligibility for Stand alone Systems

The usefulness of bringing back eligibility upgrades is too vast to detail, but the support alone is greatly appreciated and would bring in long lost customer base.
Guest 3 months ago in  0

3D perspective with curves

If i give something a perspective, i would like to be able to give it a curve as well... including an image, for something like superimposing an image on a cylinder or something rounded.
Guest almost 2 years ago in  0

Drawing in a Perspective

This rather new Tool makes no sense up to now. All you can do with it, is so basic, that you're better off and faster by constructing it by hand. I'd expect this tool to make it easy, to draw with dimensions directly in the perspective (also enter...
Erich Grillitsch 11 months ago in  0

add delete button on Objects Docker Search Bar

add delete button on Objects Docker Search Bar. simple
Guest 11 months ago in  0

A "pain free" way to report a bug.

Right now, I'm not sure, how I should report a bug, when I find one. There seems to be two ways: Use the "Ideas Portal" Use the support The "Ideas Portal" is definitly not designed for that purpose and misses nessecary features. It would also not ...
Erich Grillitsch 10 months ago in  0

suggestions for improvements

Hello everything is fine? I'm a content creator related to graphic design and digital art. I've been using Corel Draw since 2015 and continue to use Corel Draw even though most of my professional colleagues have migrated to Adobe Illustrator. H...
Guest 11 months ago in  0

Nesting function for corel

A nesting function to automatically arrange many objects on the workspace to save space. All without external programs or plugins.
Daniel K. about 2 years ago in  0