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Right click on a tool and choose to set it as default foir new docs..

I often use a tool that I wish were the default display tool.EG> I prefer the polyline tool to the freehand tool, so I would like to set ployline as the default.
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Adjustable Navigation window (Shortcut N)

the Size of the Navigation window is very small and hasn't changed for years, so you just cant do precise panning. The idea of viewing the whole "Used Area" is useful so I believe it has better potential than this and needs to be upgraded by doing...
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Send to coreldraw

Let's say I start a project in #photopaint there should be a way/an option to send to @CorelDRAW asking the user where to open etheir on a precise project/page or as a new document/project. Would be cool having such functionality and also will he...
Arnaud Mez 4 months ago in  0

edit the document color palette

Make an easy way to remove colors that are not needed in the custom palette of the document
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

Add scale 1:5 as one of the standard scales

Scale 1:5 is one of the most widely used scales. We have weird scales like 1:8, or 1:16 but not the very standard and widely used scale 1:5.
Andrew Baker 3 months ago in  0

Have each page keep it's own scale

I create many multi page documents, with various pages using difference scales. i.e. page 1 might need scale 1:10, page 2 needs scale 1:5 etc. Each time I go to another page I have to rechange the scale to work on it. It would be nice if I didn't ...
Andrew Baker 3 months ago in  0

Can we have Column, Column Gutter, Margin & Bleed option in Create a new document dialogue box

Hi TeamCan we have Column, Column Gutter, Margin & Bleed option when creating a new document in CorelDraw. It'll really help working with text & other elements while working on large documents. Thanks.
Deepal Soneji over 1 year ago in  0

Update barcode formats

There are issues with ISBN and Code 128 not validating properly. The barcodes generated should be re-evaluated for relevance and standards compliance.
Product Operations almost 2 years ago in  0

Edit>Select All>Dimensions

Add to Edit>Select All Dimensions. We use multiple scales in our files . iI would be help to Break Apart dimension en masse.
Bob Murdoch over 1 year ago in  1

increase size & contrast of rulers

For myself and clients that use CorelDraw the latest versions have rulers that are very hard to see for aging eyes. I would suggest large rulers or be able to adjust size, as well as increase the contrast when using a light screen. The dark screen...
Guest 12 months ago in  0