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Created by Tommy Westbrook
Created on Mar 8, 2022

Use Corel's page imposition tools in Publish to PDF

I recently created a 60 page legal size file that was to be saddle stitched. The file was to be used online in reader's spread and printed as a 60 page booklet (7" wide x 8 1/2" high pages) I created it in reader's spread. I can print to PDF because I have Acrobat but to use Corel's page imposition tools you must access Adobe Acrobat's confusingly inadequate print dialogue which never works for me. I end up with a mess or a vertical page where I want the opposite or the content compressed into the correct page size with crop marks which I could not figure out how to turn off. Ultimately I had to create a new file and manually impose the pages one at a time. It works but it is a headache and way too time consuming. Why not just add imposition tools to the Publish to PDF dialogue? Either that or give us step by step how to do it correctly while printing to PDF.

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  • jim Hagler
    Dec 25, 2022

    the pdf format is adobe's and it does not support large page sizes. nothing Corel can do about that.

  • Robert Davidson
    Jul 11, 2022

    Yes, and I would also like to request that the PDF sizing is not limited. Sometimes I wish to export to PDF but it won't allow it because the printable area is supposedly "too large" for PDF format...but large format printing is avaliable, so why can't I port my documents to whatever size in PDF I wish?

    May 18, 2022

    Strongly recommand CorelDRAW provide a "Print to New Document" function like print merge did.

  • Uli Linn
    Mar 28, 2022

    I also would strongly request this. I often create lables, where i.e. 3x8 have to be printed on an A4 sheet. If I print them myself, the imposition settings in the print dialog do their job. But if I want to forward a pdf to a client to print it himself or use a remote printer with no connection to my computer, it becomes quite tricky. So using imposition layouts in the PDF dialoque would be a consequent improvement!

  • Guest
    Mar 9, 2022

    As far as know Corel does not have a postscript interpreter once it compiles the postscript. They used to have step and repeat tool. That may be able to be modified for the purpose.

  • Oscar Velázquez M.
    Mar 9, 2022

    It can be solved very simply: if Corel's engineers add the PDF format, when saving when printing to file using a PostScript driver, like the one that comes natively with CorelDRAW "Device Independent PostScript File", so far it is possible as .PRN and .PS... Corel, just add the PDF format and that's it.