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The ability to copy part of an image and paste it elsewhere - either in the same image or another image.

Something like in the case of PSP
Guest 10 months ago in  0

Find and replace to redesign recurring elements, eg making red circles into blue squares.

Scientific presentations involve a lot of data, sometimes many hundreds of data points. Things change, it would be good to copy the new design, then find and replace in one step, instead of taking hours.
Guest 10 months ago in  0

Print Merge to slow

Since last year when I started using CD21, print merge has become unusably slow and mostly hangs compared to CD14 which I still use for that purpose I run Win10 with 12 Gig ram on I5 laptop
Guest 10 months ago in  0

Salvar informações da Font

Deveria salvar as informações da font pois muitos arquivos são convertidos em curvas e para refazer a um rotulo, etiqueta ou panfleto e necessário busca utilizar ferramentas externas pra descobrir a font que foi utilizada se isso for incluído na p...
Guest 10 months ago in  1

Centralized Library

I' am using CorelSuite für many years. hundreds of projects are scattered on my drive system. A centralized library to managed all projects would significantly reduce administration time.
Hans-Jürgen Schnellrieder 10 months ago in  0

Hyperlinks less glitchy

It would be great to make management of hyperlinks more stable as these tend to be really mixed up once document is exported.
Guest 10 months ago in  0

App CorelDRAW for tablets Android

A version of the app that is currently available for iPad made for Android tablets I believe it will reach a wider audience, allowing many to create in Corel DRAWon more devices, bringing flexibility to users at the time of creation.
Guest 10 months ago in  0

Add scaling tool to the main toolbar.

Corel is much better than Illustrator for scaling purposes, and the main reason we use Corel over AI. Having quick access to the scaling would be beneficial and improve workflow.
Guest 10 months ago in  2

Easier and more accurate Font creation with export to TTF

I would like to create fonts with the TTF tool. Frequently it will say "too many objects" and I can't export to TTF. I have no suggestions as I don't know what the solutions are. I would like to create fonts to sale (doodle fonts or text) and to h...
D P 10 months ago in  2

extrusion using multiple views

I would love to see the extrude effect be modified to allow a 3D object to be created from multiple 2d Drawings/Shapes. Using Multiple views of an object to automatically create a manipulatable 3d object to add as an element to your designs and th...
Guest 10 months ago in  0