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Increase the capabilities of Corel CAPTURE

While there are a lot of improvements that can be made, the utility should in particular: Assist in capturing creations like "speed painting" videos Publish to popular video, social media, and content management platforms Capture voiceovers Provid...
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  0

Add a Shortcut Key for the main Cursor.

I'm a fan of shortcuts and I think this would make the workflow of this software much better. Maybe u can add a a few shortcuts on to the number keys on top of the keyboard.or add an option to do so...
Guest 11 months ago in  6 Already exists

Add the ability to use Astute Graphics plugins in CorelDraw

Please, I am very serious about this request, can you work with Astute Graphics to allow their plugins to work with CorelDraw? I know they are made for Illustrator but they would add so much more functionality an...
Guest almost 2 years ago in  2

Support Adobe colour file formats (ASE/ACO)

Ensure support for translating LAB and Pantone colours as such instead of converting them into CMYK/RGB before importing the library.
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  0

Using Corel for memorial design. (Vector plotter for cutting stencil.)

I've been exploring apps for memorial design and was hoping Corel would be a viable alternative. Im using Composer now but licenses are expensive and real color proofs are difficult to impossible.
Guest 12 months ago in  0

Make activation easy

Seriously a pain in the butt for Volume Subscriptions. I can't wait until everyone sees the light and realizes Corel's paranoia about license misuse makes everyone celebrate GPL licensed software like the GIMP and Inkscape. I spend hours trying to...
Guest 12 months ago in  0

Enable creating additional tool bars in MAC.

I would like to be able to create my own tool bar. Makes working much faster.
Patrick C Johnston almost 2 years ago in  1

Adding colour to the document pallette using the Doc-pallette's eyedropper is erratic. The eyedropper in the toolbox is for some reason much more stable

I have found the document pallette's eyedropper often fails and I must use a roundabout way to enter a colour into the document pallette. Sometimes even this fails and the colours displays as a rich-black look in the document pallette.
Guest 12 months ago in  0

When importing a file, could the list of file-types show most-used extensions rather than the huge list of options always displayed from 'WSD' back upwards to about 'pdf'

When exporting a file, there is a nice display of options, based on one's most-recent exported file formats. When importing, however, in the drop-down one needs to scroll, each and every time, up a lengthy list to reach the file-types one is most-...
Guest 12 months ago in  0

Increase balloons tool for comics

Increasing tools for drawing balloons and organize text for comicbook artists. Draw balloon tails and adjust text.
Guest over 1 year ago in  0