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Increase the list of the most recently used links

Plenty of links in a CorelDRAW document show only the most recent five hyperlinks. When entering the sixth, the first link disappears and needs to be re-selected manually. This list should be endless and flexible to support a longer list of links.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Tooltips for colour palettes

Add tooltips when hovering over a swatch in a colour palette that indicates the colour values or name it its specified colour model.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

I am overwhelmed, downloaded this trial in error, looking for vinyl cutting software. How do I cancel. Please help.

This is not what I thought - looking for vinyl cutting software
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Why can't I round the points of a star?

No description provided
Guest 2 months ago in  1

Guest 2 months ago in  0

Enable quotation marks used by parts of Europe (≪ ≫)

Multiple nations use ≪ ≫ instead of " " to denote text quotations. Enable this and its autocorrection as either a document or global setting.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Allow baseline grid setting specific to an individual paragraph text box

Baseline grid settings are currently universal for a document. Make them customisable as a per-object setting for paragraph text boxes.
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Display all current and saved files in the macOS Recent Files list

This currently requires an application exit for the list to be updated. It should show in: Menu > Apple icon > Recent Items
Product Operations 8 months ago in  0

Photo Bracketing tools

Bracketing is become a common phtographic method. Draw and Paint have no tools for dealing with it. Aftershot is too old and slow now....1. Importing a series of Bracketed RAW images2. Auto Align Images3. Powerful Batch processing 4. Lens correcti...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Scale textboxes in the docker menues with the docker

Textboxes in the docker menues are not scaled with the docker. Only buttons where scalled. This is quite useless. If you have numbers that have five digits and decimal places more, you must scroll in the textbox to edit the number.
Joerg Eickholz 3 months ago in  0