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Paragraph text ruler settings include width (or size)

No description provided
Fernando Portugal 4 months ago in  0

An extensive redesign of the interface to make it modern looking

The CorelDraw interface is basically the same since the begining. The redesings never bring it to the level of the competition. Make it happen now! It's a graphic designer software — make it look like one please!
Gean Paulo Pierre 8 months ago in  0

My settings prevail

Files coming from other people, the displacement, rotation, duplication settings, among others, not prevail over those already configured in my installation. My setup should always prevail.
Guest 8 months ago in  0

Open PDFs on separate pages

When opening a PDF in CorelDraw, of importing a PDF.... It is silly that every page gets dumped onto one page. I would love it to put each page in a PDF on a separate page in Corel when opening.
Guest 8 months ago in  1

Add page frame to each page in doc, instantly

Now, I can add page frame for one page at a time. Or I can write a macro (do those still exist? In 33 years of using CorelDraw I never wrote a macro). I want the button to say, Add page frame for this page only, Add page frame for each page in doc...
Guest 8 months ago in  2

Symbols to be organized for all documents one creates instead of only for one...

ctrl F3 : It happens to be dependent on the creation of a new form, if u use a copy which already has symbols it works fine. Otherwise its empty. You cant copy it. I found that starting this window has an enormous impact on the use of memory and v...
Detlef Overbeek 8 months ago in  0

Stop controlling Double Capitals

I work in the UK where postcodes consist of a mix of double letters and numerals. e.g. AB12 9YZ. It is not useful to have Corel automatically change the second letter to lower case
Guest 8 months ago in  2 Already exists

add functionality to the page numbering so it will be possible to have two different numberings

No description provided
Detlef Overbeek 8 months ago in  1

Art-boards easier to add and adjust, more like Illustrator

Adding multiple artboards and working throughout the multiple layers is easy to work with in Illustrator, but much more difficult to add and work with in CorelDraw. Illustrator has a tool button and shortcut that allows users to add and adjust art...
Eric Bivens 8 months ago in  0

type in size of object BEFORE creating it in the x y boxes

If I create a rectangle box to match one of the dimension of another shape, I would like to be able to type in the size before creating it. As of now I must drag and drop. Often if I change one dimension the other dimension will change with it, by...
D P 8 months ago in  0