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SVG Export

Well, I've noticed svg created with CorelDraw actually contain problems when imported into blender for work, which is not the case for apps affinity designer, sorry to mention, I'm not comparing but I mean SVG export should be improved in CorelDra...
Arnaud Mez 4 months ago in  2


When transperance tool, mesh fill tool and overlapping objects are merged, it produces incorrect results when sending to print. To prevent this, we make TIFF by necessity. Fix this problem now. Almost every version has the same problem.
yılmaz hoca about 2 years ago in  0

Better AI support

No description provided
Guest 9 months ago in  1 More info required

Multiple Master Layer

I would like to suggest the possibility of creating multiple Master Layer patterns. So we can apply different Main Layers to the pages of a document.
Dicas do Greb about 2 years ago in  0

CorelDraw 2022 One Time

It is ridiculous to not be able to buy the current version of CorelDraw one time purchase. I got it yesterday. But there was no option to buy 2022. It is wrong to punish long time users of CorelDraw by not offeringthe current version to buy.
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

Export docker problems

It can't show more than 300 items. 298, to be exact. Item # 299 gets cut in half and doesn't show any buttons, checkbox or dropdown. Other items don't display, even though the scroll bar indicates there are more items, AND those items get exported...
Ben M 4 months ago in  0

il colore di sfondo della finestra mobile "Oggetti" sia modificabile /// the background color of the floating window "Objects" is editable

Se lavori con la finestra "oggetti" le miniature nere sullo sfondo nero della finestra mobile non si vedono, stessa cosa nel caso le miniature siano bianche o grigio chiaro su sfondo bianco. Sarebbe bello che lo sfondo della finestra mobile fosse ...
mauro paccagnella about 1 year ago in  0

CorelDRAW plugins in Microsoft Store version

I am attempting to install a software that runs as a plugin for Corel Draw (SUMMA Gosign Tools). This plugin connects to corel draw in a free trial version, downloaded through Corel website. However, this plug in will not connect through my Micros...
Guest 9 months ago in  1 Will not implement

Create a tool animation or gifs

Nowadays, gifs are widely used in social media and whatsapp, it would be interesting to have a tool where we could create gifs or small animated movies within Corel itself, there could be pre-defined movements from points, and automatically create...
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

SVG export distorted

Strongly disproportionately distorted and projected objects have a distorted outline in the SVG export. This is faulty.
Marco Jänicke about 1 year ago in  3