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text subject stops working

When i go to use text option it won't let me type. When I go to edit text that is already on the file it will let me move it delete but not edit. Instead a small little node shows up and does nothing. I have to save and then close the program and ...
Kelley Lueck 7 months ago in  1 More info required

Move objects without having to click, hold down the click and drag. Less mouse fatigue.

It would be handy to move an object, maybe by using a 'move' command, where you select the object, then click where you want it to be without all the clicking and dragging. The clicking and dragging is causing me some repetitive strain injuries. M...
Andrew Baker 7 months ago in  0

Envelop Effect for Symbols

Currently, the 'Envelop' effect is not supported with Symbols in CorelDRAW. This feature could help e.g., when you are creating garment designs and you need to present the designs to clients just like a real garment wrapping around a figure. Repet...
Klaus Vossen over 1 year ago in  0

Nothing changed but CorelDraw implies there is something to save

Nothing changed but CorelDraw implies there is something to save by showing a star beside the document's name and showing the save symbol again (Disk symbol). This happens just after a while or if I switch between documents. So I feel compelled to...
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Optimizing saving process of big files

If saving drawings with a lot of content (containing thousands of vectors and/or big pixel graphics) it may take a few seconds or even up to a minute or more. It would be nice if not the whole CorelDraw software is locked during this time (process...
Guest over 1 year ago in  2

in coral draw 2024 File without version change opened in coral 2016 Add features like this Is. all version in no convert file & open all files

No description provided
Guest 4 months ago in  0

Live Preview

Coreldraw is an amazing suite with amazing tools, but Graphic Design have become a speciality where tools help the creator a lot and CorelDraw (+PhotoPaint) are good for that but actually lack of Live Preview when it comes to Blending modes and .....
Arnaud Mez 7 months ago in  0

Objects Docker - Collapse Page View by Default

When I open a CorelDraw file with many pages, it takes me a while to scroll all the way the bottom to access the Master Page. So I have to, each and every time, collapse the pages to save time. This also makes it easy for me to switch back and for...
Andrew Baker about 1 year ago in  1

Complete DTP functions

In my opinion, Coreldraw needs more complete DTP functions. It's frustrating not to be able to use full page layout features (eg footnotes or endnotes...). Currently, when you want to lay out a complex document, like a report or a book, you have t...
Thierry Chadelaud about 2 years ago in  0

Double Clik to Preset for Create New Document

CorelDRAW 2022 September Update brings new Create New Document Window. It is good but we can not create new document when double click to preset icons. If user can create new document via double click to preset icon then it would be sense for use ...
Kürşad Çakır over 1 year ago in  1