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Support Adobe colour file formats (ASE/ACO)

Ensure support for translating LAB and Pantone colours as such instead of converting them into CMYK/RGB before importing the library.
Product Operations over 1 year ago in  0

Delete Original Lines When Breaking Artistic Media Group

When you've finished designing with the artistic media tool, you usually no longer need the original line. I often want to Weld objects created with the tool to reduce complexity or unwanted artifacts, apply a gradient or other effect to the whole...
DonkeyWorx Studio 7 months ago in  0

Add ability to increase default size of dimensioning elements (arrows, offsets, text, etc.) when working at 1:1 scale.

I like to work at 1:1 scale which facilitates the transfer of the drawing objects to production fabrication. The current dimensioning capability doesn't provide a practical way to scale the text, arrows, and offsets of dimensions and forces you to...
Guest 10 months ago in  0

Split Get Started File List into two lists - Recent and Favourites

I have files / documents that I need to use frequently and to be able to switch between a list of frequently used documents and the current last created or used documents list would make it quicker and easier to use. Need to be able to add documen...
David Mills 10 months ago in  0

CorelDraw Mac Usability

Is it possible to address the oversights seen on the Mac version of Coreldraw. The scroll wheel in particular to zoom tends to be temperamental and pan is non existent.
Guest 10 months ago in  2

Fix before adding

Too many common errors with the newer versions that need to be addressed before adding features. I am in V. 21 with a Core i7 8th Gen processor, added RAM/Memory and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card (my specs are substantial)... FOR THE RECORD, AL...
Guest 10 months ago in  0


corel needs to update it brushes game to compete. that's all there is to it.
jim Hagler 7 months ago in  0

create pattern

Draw has always been able to create and edit patterns but the function seems to have disappeared. I cannot do this with the fill tool or any other way. In 1989 it was one of the reasons Corel made a big splash and the reason textile designers rejo...
jim Hagler 7 months ago in  0

Copy Layer between drawings

There are times I would like to copy a layer from one drawing to another, not just the objects on the layer, but the layer. This would add a new layer to the second drawing with the same name everything.
Guest 10 months ago in  1

fix scaling function so it doesn't slow down / crash the program.

I'm a mac user and almost every time I switch from one scale to another the program will time out and / or crash - It's so bad that I have now just started using separate documents with different scales already setup in them now - I will just open...
Guest 10 months ago in  1