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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 21, 2022

Sliders in Photo-Paint 2021 should show changes continuously, not just when releasing the mouse button.

In previous versions of Photo-Paint, when a slider was moved to make a change to an image, the change was seen continuously, as a slider was moved, so you see exactly how far to move the slider. Now, in Photo-Paint 2021, after moving a slider (any slider) the change is visible only after releasing the mouse button, which results in the image-adjustment process being trial-and-error, rather than smooth and real-time. This applies not only to the small preview window, but to the numerical indicator, too. Please, Corel, provide a patch/update to fix this!

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  • Kürşad Çakır
    Apr 22, 2022

    Do you try Corel Photo-Paint 2022 March Release? It seems Corel fixed that problem.