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Increase the capabilities of Corel CAPTURE

While there are a lot of improvements that can be made, the utility should in particular: Assist in capturing creations like "speed painting" videos Publish to popular video, social media, and content management platforms Capture voiceovers Provid...
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  0

Support Adobe colour file formats (ASE/ACO)

Ensure support for translating LAB and Pantone colours as such instead of converting them into CMYK/RGB before importing the library.
Product Operations over 2 years ago in  0

Scaling and sizing for multiple objects

it will be fantastic if we can make scaling and sizing for multiple. we want to make same size of shapes in same time.for example more than 500 pcs. circle have to be come from 2,30 mm to 2,00 mm. like dropper but for more objects in same time.
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Cusps as a option for default node type for Drawing Tools

I use cusps all the time for editing and drawing. I find these to have more control. Is there a way to draw or edit (double-click) with cusps as a default instead of have to (F10, Ctrl+A and C) each time. Thank you.
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

add emoji support

Modern txt includes emoji to express ideas that are quick and to the point without typing alot. We see this on our phones, in messages and in documents as well as passwords but very rare. So we should expect to see emoji support in modern Corel pr...
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Add the ability to use Astute Graphics plugins in CorelDraw

Please, I am very serious about this request, can you work with Astute Graphics to allow their plugins to work with CorelDraw? I know they are made for Illustrator but they would add so much more functionality an...
Guest almost 2 years ago in  2

Scale Portion of Transform docker does not respect document scale

When working at scale (in this case 1/2" = 1', when I use the "Scale Portion" option on the Transform docker, it will scale the object to full size. For example, when working at 1/2" = 1', setting the portion to 60" and hitting apply will scale a ...
Jeffrey Robinson 6 months ago in  0

Bulk Export Settings From the Docker

I do a lot of exports in bulk. It would be nice if the export docker would have a master setting for the export details for any file presently in the docker. As it stands I need to adjust the output size and resolution for each page of my document...
Guest about 2 years ago in  0

Rounded Corners back to Acute L

If an object is converted, and we usually round the corners using the corners docker, Feature Request : by selecting the 2 nodes of the rounded corners back to its previous actual L shape. Similarly for the other rounded profiles to back to its pr...
sriram teegela about 2 years ago in  1

Arranging and Aligning properly for all the elements in the Coreldraw

Bitmaps and all elements can be arranged like this easily. see the attachment
sriram teegela about 2 years ago in  0