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Wie in der älteren Version fehlt mir extrem, denn damit war das Hin- und Herschieben der Seiten sehr einfach möglich. Bitte wieder aufnehmen!
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Plus mark icon on ruler in Print Preview

There is plus mark show on cursor when we move the cursor on object
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Bring portrait to live

Why: Attractive feature or new product Who benfits as feature: Extension of AI features in existing productsWho benefits as new product: New potential market on iOS and Android if AI supportedHow does it work: AI analyses parts (mouth, eyes,...) o...
Guest 9 months ago in  0

colors in the objects manager need to be bolder

No description provided
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Complete revamp of the docker panels needed

The docker panels take up a lot of space in the work area, even at their narrowest. Also, having multiple dockers open at the same time means scrolling up and down to access a tab and the vertical naming doesn't make it easy to find a tab quickly....
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Tint Warning Window Fix

I would find it incredibly helpful if you guys can stop doing a warning window for every single tint change. The window that comes up saying "Warning. The tint you are performing will change the color space of one or more of your objects." I'm try...
Guest 5 months ago in  0

in "Create a New Document" I think that if you add "User-defined preset margins" save us more time.

No description provided
Fernando Portugal 5 months ago in  0

Change the Icon

that big green and black icon on our desktop for CorelDraw is so UGLY!!! Could you please come up with something nicer to look at?
Guest 5 months ago in  0

welcome screen with favorites

i typically need to open the same files to re-edit and use would be great to have a favorite section in the same way as the last edited jobs. for quicker access
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Enable quotation marks used by parts of Europe (≪ ≫)

Multiple nations use ≪ ≫ instead of " " to denote text quotations. Enable this and its autocorrection as either a document or global setting.
Product Operations about 1 year ago in  0