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Dynamic Linked Bitmaps

CorelDRW needs Dynamic Linked Bitmaps as Adobe illustrator or Indesign. When i change bitmap file (edit and resave external software) then DRAW should observe it and should update the link.
Kürşad Çakır about 1 year ago in  1

Error with outlines stretching on "text" only.

On text only, if a text is stretched or skewed, the outline cannot be set to proper default settings to maintain an even outline all around. Currently the outline becomes disproportionate with any stretched text. It is an error. You should be able...
Guest about 1 year ago in  0

Smart colors tool - used colors swatches are stay in the property bar like a palette.

It will be easier to navigate, no need to look for a color I just used.
D L about 1 year ago in  1

color change

In the same way, just bring the colors to the tip of the mouse with (for example, D). With the movement of the mouse, the colors flow and when you release the selected color, the selected object gets that color. Let the opacity value of the color ...
yılmaz hoca about 1 year ago in  0

Automatic grid on at 800%

When edting images one almost always zooms in past 800%. Forcing the user to turn them off.
Guest about 1 year ago in  1


No description provided
Guest 8 months ago in  2

Correct documentation

Documentation is old and therefore wrong. Described tools can't be found, processes not actionable. Fulfill your duty. Deliver a correct documentation asap!!!!
Guest 8 months ago in  0 More info required

Paragraph text ruler settings include width (or size)

No description provided
Fernando Portugal 8 months ago in  0

find replace crash

I have a card template with many pages. On all pages there's code over them. to find the card I want I write the code over find&replace text feature. The tool never crashed at first program use. but after some use of program it crashes, I'm gu...
Guest 8 months ago in  0

Plus mark icon on ruler in Print Preview

There is plus mark show on cursor when we move the cursor on object
Guest 8 months ago in  0