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Individual Page Notes

I use Document Properties/Notes to store Vinyl colours/Printing Notes (ICC profile/passes/print vinyl used/laminated? But it would be so much better if there could be a place to store design notes/products etc in the dockers or maybe like a tray t...
Rachelle Hynds 12 months ago in  0

Possibility to rollback to an older version.

2023 version does not work correctly. Please add an option to rollback to 2022 version.
Guest 12 months ago in  0

fix record temporary script

fix record temporary script. when duplicating objects, the distance to the duplicated objects is not correct. since corel 2018
me almost 2 years ago in  1

Double click close the tab

as same as that in M$ Edge browser
Guest 12 months ago in  0

opened documents bar show or hide option

Like you have provided for Document Navigator and Scrollbars, please provide the same option for OPEN DOCUMENT bar close. It is hlep for those who are prepaing the books, but not for me. It is unnecessarily existed. please allow the command to rem...
sriram teegela almost 2 years ago in  1

Global Actions - Must needed - Feature Request

for instant, preparing a hundred pages book, and wanted to hide all the bitmaps temporarily and focus on typing. we need this options as a docker or flyout. see the attachment. Similarly we are editing the previous year book, by removing the all p...
sriram teegela almost 2 years ago in  0

Dynamic Linked Bitmaps

CorelDRW needs Dynamic Linked Bitmaps as Adobe illustrator or Indesign. When i change bitmap file (edit and resave external software) then DRAW should observe it and should update the link.
Kürşad Çakır almost 2 years ago in  1

Please add Method for Duplicate entire page in vba editor

In VBA editor, there is option to duplicate Shape or ShapeRange but there is no option to duplicate entier page
Guest 12 months ago in  0

Error with outlines stretching on "text" only.

On text only, if a text is stretched or skewed, the outline cannot be set to proper default settings to maintain an even outline all around. Currently the outline becomes disproportionate with any stretched text. It is an error. You should be able...
Guest almost 2 years ago in  0

Smart colors tool - used colors swatches are stay in the property bar like a palette.

It will be easier to navigate, no need to look for a color I just used.
D L almost 2 years ago in  1