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Captura de texto via OCR

Acho que o Corel deveria ter uma captura de texto via OCR facilitaria e muito na hora rescrever um texto convertido em curvas
Guest about 2 years ago in  0

switch units

When working on projects I would like the option to easily switch between units from say mm to pixels and back again. This would make it easer when designing work that has to exist in both print format and online. Also, when using or importing oth...
Guest about 2 years ago in  1

"New From Templates" window sometimes will not allow you to open an existing saved template. Only soluton is to restart CorelDraw.

This bug has been present on PC for many many years now.
Mark Russell about 2 years ago in  0

słuchajcie mnie kloce

ja chce sobie zrobić kółeczko z innymi kółeczkami i nie działa. doprowadza mnie to do wielkiej nienawiści do aplikacji. możecie mi possać moje czikiczondo pozdrawiam AKG
Guest about 2 years ago in  1

Power Blending

I use both graphics and images in my design work and sometimes have trouble blending the colors to make the design more cohesive to bring the elements together. So, the ability to map all the colors of an image and then the ability to replace the ...
Guest about 2 years ago in  0

CorelDraw - Coloring the VECTOR objects with n-channel, not just RGB, CMYK etc.

In my job I often need to colorize VECTOR objects with duotone (e.g. Black + Pantone). If CorelDraw knows to manage these colors in the bitmaps, why not in vector objects. Should be possible to think about it in the future?
Jan Pánek about 2 years ago in  0

Navigating down cells in a column

Sometimes there is a need to populate cells in a table vertically as opposed to horizontally (Tab key). Maybe a combination of Shift+Ctrl+Tab could make this possible? Instead of shifting from left to right across rows, the cursor would jump cells...
Guest about 2 years ago in  0

Increase size of Folder Lookup window (Collect for Output)

The current dialog box harkens to the days of DOS! Scrolling down to a desired nested folder is cumbersome and time consuming. A provision to add favorite folders would be welcome.
Guest about 2 years ago in  0 - keeping once imported fonts for next using on other PC (with the same Corel account)

Should be possible the fonts once imported into the to be kept and available to use, when I open the on the other PC/Browser/Location?
Jan Pánek about 2 years ago in  0 - Placing the objects from Corel Cloud to current drawing

When creating in I am unable to place (import) objects from Corel Cloud to current drawing. It will be imho very useful e.g. when I have a set of graphic elements in the cloud - in my case for creating obituaries ;)
Jan Pánek about 2 years ago in  0