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Tools > Options in CorelDRAW on macOS

After reinstalling CorelDraw on Macbook I miss Tools/Extras in the menu bar, which is important to me because I can set the scale there. I also have the same problem with a test version of Corel Draw 2024. Is this due to the Mac version?
Guest about 2 months ago in  0 Already exists

Always visible line color palette

Allow users to change the line color by clicking the color in the palette (the same as it does now for fill)
David Eckert 7 months ago in  0 Already exists

Provide option for viewing scale from design screen

I would love to see & update the scale I am currently using right from the design screen (EX: 1" - 1'-0", 1:4, etc)
Guest 7 months ago in  0 Already exists

cloning windows 10 pro for a company network, with coreldraw graphics suite installed.

I am a system admin, i need to install windows 10 pro with corel draw for a network of pcs. i would do windows 10 pro imaging or cloning with corel draw installed & updated to 24.3.0... . I need a prompt to enter UserName(Must) & serial# s...
Guest 8 months ago in  0 Already exists

Add a plus button on the object/layer tab to save having to go through to many menus just to add a new layer.

This will make the work flow much better as layers are used a lot.
Guest 8 months ago in  1 Already exists

Custom short cuts won't export with workspace

When I go to export a custom workspace everything gets exported except custom short cuts you made. This has happened on multiple occasions were I'm setting up a new computer and my short cuts don't export with my personal workspace. So I have to g...
Guest 8 months ago in  1 Already exists

Link multipagina

Quando ci sarà una possibilità di importare i file multipagina in PDF e Corel con la possibilità di decidere quali pagine importare senza che queste si sovrappongano? grazie
Guest 8 months ago in  2 Already exists

PDF Import Wizard

May I recommend a “PDF Import Wizard“ - Filetype analysis - Page size & format - Number of pages A simple step-by-step approach like this would, I believe, be widely appreciated. Background: I dragged two PDFs onto a new blank document, the 'I...
Guest 11 months ago in  5 Already exists

identifier of the length of a zigzag line

Hello team working and developing the Corel Draw program. I am working on this program (template maker), which is a wonderful program that has all the drawing tools. From my point of view, Corel Draw is the best drawing program ever. I used it (to...
AZBDULAZIZ KATERJI about 1 year ago in  4 Already exists

Add a Shortcut Key for the main Cursor.

I'm a fan of shortcuts and I think this would make the workflow of this software much better. Maybe u can add a a few shortcuts on to the number keys on top of the keyboard.or add an option to do so...
Guest about 1 year ago in  6 Already exists