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Seriously Consider Lowering the Price of CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW does not exist in a vacuum. I get those specific industries that need to use CorelDRAW but for everyone else outside of those niche cases, the ability to advocate for DRAW is shrinking rapidly against stiff competition from lower-priced ...
Sean A 2 months ago in  1

Improve POINTILLIZER by adding style presets to apply faster the HALFTONE VECTOR EFFECT, pixel effect, pointillism, etc.

Many CorelDRAW users are unaware of the enormous creative possibilities added to CorelDRAW by the Pointillizer extension ( included in CorelDRAW since CorelDRAW 2018). With Pointillizer you can create the famous vector halftone effect very easily ...
Anna Lopez - CORELCLUB-ORG 8 months ago in  0

Edit>Select All>Dimensions

Add to Edit>Select All Dimensions. We use multiple scales in our files . iI would be help to Break Apart dimension en masse.
Bob Murdoch 9 months ago in  1

Make Corel Draw more friendly with apple

I work with both, PC and Apple. And PC is more friendly
Guest 9 months ago in  1 More info required

Improve SVG export

During SVG export a new CSS is always created. In practice, however, an existing CSS must be selected.At the moment, each SVG would have to be edited and the central CSS applied. The CSS should also be able to be exported separately. SVG and CSS...
Marco Jänicke 9 months ago in  0

Add simpler functionality to 'Find and Replace' similar to GDG Color Click Extreme Macro

With this Macro, you can select a group of objects and with one click it will show you a pallete of all fills and outline colors in the selection. From there, if you click on one of the fill colors (or outline colors) it will instantly select all ...
Mark J 9 months ago in  1

Bring back collect for output option in March 2022 version

Collect for output was very useful version especially while sharing the open files with printer. As it used to bundle .cdr .pdf fonts color profile all in one zip file. And with the new version everything has be exported separately
Guest 10 months ago in  1 Already exists

Add Circle Diameter / Radius to Dimensions

I use the dimensions quite often and would like the ability to add diameter to arcs and circles.
Lorrie Russell 8 months ago in  2

Remove the one pixel white edge on jpeg exports for CorelDraw.

When exporting images from CorelDraw (images with vector and bitmp layers), even though the image may be perfectly aligned at "1920 x 1080" the jpeg export often times adds one pixel to the horizontal and vertical edge, making the export 1921 x 10...
Eric Bivens 8 months ago in  0

new updates automatically include all customisations

When updating to a new version, all your personalisations are copied into the new version. Such as the size of increments for nudge and supernudge, layout of tool bars etc
Guest 9 months ago in  0