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Scale textboxes in the docker menues with the docker

Textboxes in the docker menues are not scaled with the docker. Only buttons where scalled. This is quite useless. If you have numbers that have five digits and decimal places more, you must scroll in the textbox to edit the number.
Joerg Eickholz about 2 years ago in  0

Object Docker: Bring back the possibilty of changing the color of the layername with the color of the layer

In older Versions the color of the layer is equal to the color of the layername. In the newer Versions there is onle the small stripe on the right side which shows the layercolor.If you have a greater amount of layers this option was very usefull....
Joerg Eickholz about 2 years ago in  0

DXF-Format : export circle as a circle and not as an ellipse

If you have a CNC-Router with the ability to drill, the holes must be declared as a circle to assign the right drillparameter in the routers software.
Joerg Eickholz about 2 years ago in  0

Default metric font size

Parallel measurement tool: the font size of the measurement value cannot be preset. The default measurement font size is about the size of A4 paper. When we make a super large object size of several meters, the measurement font size is too small, ...
Guest about 2 years ago in  1

Update Corel Draw graphics suite import/export files formats

Many imported or exported file formats are either too old versions or formats that have become infrequently used. Sometimes the limitations when importing a file are too important. See for example the handling of Adobe AI and PSD formats. There ar...
Thierry Chadelaud about 2 years ago in  4

fix record temporary script

fix record temporary script. when duplicating objects, the distance to the duplicated objects is not correct. since corel 2018
me about 2 years ago in  1

Fix moving

fix move from page to desktop and back, doesn't work either on desktop or on page hang
me about 2 years ago in  2

Bulk Export Settings From the Docker

I do a lot of exports in bulk. It would be nice if the export docker would have a master setting for the export details for any file presently in the docker. As it stands I need to adjust the output size and resolution for each page of my document...
Guest about 2 years ago in  0

Pixel-correct export

Creating pixel-correct Export would be very important to use Corel Draw for professional webdesign. When exporting graphics, the size in the export-dialog in Corel 2022 (and all former versions) is sometimes one more pixels bigger than the origina...
Uli Linn about 2 years ago in  3
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Advanced Antialiasing For Text

In programs such as photoshop and illustrator, I would like to have antialiasing features such as sharp crisp in corel draw, the antialiasing system of the corel draw program is quite bad, especially in texts.
Guest about 2 years ago in  10