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Created on Sep 14, 2022

Tint Warning Window Fix

I would find it incredibly helpful if you guys can stop doing a warning window for every single tint change. The window that comes up saying "Warning. The tint you are performing will change the color space of one or more of your objects." I'm trying to change the tint on a group of items (533 total items and yes, it's grouped) . Now, I forgot to save ahead of time and I've learned my lesson. But this means I have to click "ok" to a warning window 533 times.... it's ridiculous. And I can't just "X" out of the window because I would have to do that 533 times too. So I'm stuck between deciding to click 533 times or have to redo all my work. Would be helpful is the tint warning window could just do the whole group of items instead of one-by-one.

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