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Keeping the current print setup the same even if you have closed out the document.

When you are working on a document, many times you will have to close out and come back to it another day. When it is saved the print settings should be saved along with it. If I want another hard copy I will usually want to print the same as the ...
Guest 2 months ago in  0

More 3d features like in illustrator.

No description provided
Guest almost 2 years ago in  3 More info required

Letters nesting

WHY It will arrange letters in our specified space WHO It helps Indoor and Outdoor Sign board designers Helps Craft workers Helps Technical and Some types of Engineers How Set our Page size and Page Numbers Select our TEXT (Want to nest) Give lett...
STIVIN STEPHEN about 1 year ago in  1

Seriously Consider Lowering the Price of CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW does not exist in a vacuum. I get those specific industries that need to use CorelDRAW but for everyone else outside of those niche cases, the ability to advocate for DRAW is shrinking rapidly against stiff competition from lower-priced ...
Sean A over 1 year ago in  2

Glyphs should default to current font in use

Almost every time you want to add a glyph, you want it to be from the same fontset you're currently using, but you still have to search for the font for whatever reason - it really should default to the font you're using, and you only have to manu...
Guest 10 months ago in  2

Set the object's round corners feature like Adobe Illustrator

Set the object's round corners feature the same as in Adobe Illustrator.We already have this corner rounding mode in the program itself, but it is only possible to use it on rectangles.
Guest about 2 years ago in  4

Use Corel's page imposition tools in Publish to PDF

I recently created a 60 page legal size file that was to be saddle stitched. The file was to be used online in reader's spread and printed as a 60 page booklet (7" wide x 8 1/2" high pages) I created it in reader's spread. I can print to PDF becau...
Tommy Westbrook about 2 years ago in  6

Mapping - Using grids with the ability to set up automatic picture and data information inputs using grids and coding

I'm trying to prove there is a better way in my organisation to share pictorial information via mapping which has already been built in a grid formation. The maps I make identify fixed and moving worksites - but currently, I have to enter the data...
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Keep settings, profiles etc. when updating / upgrading Corel Draw

With every update / upgrade of Corel, I loose all my settings and profiels - palettes, pdf-settings etc. And it takes me a lot of time, to transfer the settings manually by editing txt-files etc. It would be a great help, when all these things cou...
Uli Linn about 2 years ago in  2

Auto remove background or foreground from images

To quickly crop and clip image content
Guest almost 2 years ago in  1