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alignment tool that aligns the left line of one object to the right of another & a top of an object to the bottom of another.

If you use Corel in the sign industry you use alignment commands constantly. It is more accurate than just using snaps. Since Corel Draw 5 I have been begging for the ability to use an align command as stated above. It would be used as much as you...
Guest about 1 year ago in  4

Text Kerning - add a tool to allow an 'optical' kerning.

I mainly use CorelDraw, but optical kerning isn't available in CorelDraw so I am forced to use Illustrator for this.
Andrew Baker about 1 year ago in  2

Please don't abuse yor customers as beta testers!

New version - new bugs. Lots of promises but... you know. Update to Version 23 - all my key shortcuts are gone. I even can't restore them! The only way so far seems to reassign them manually. The new variable outline feature - nice. But it took me...
Erich Grillitsch 3 months ago in  3 Being explored

Auto remove background or foreground from images

To quickly crop and clip image content
Guest about 1 year ago in  1

CorelDRAW GlobalMacros.gms BACKUP/RESTORE

CorelDRAW GlobalMacros.gms BACKUP/RESTORE CorelDRAW GlobalMacros.gms is a file, where VBA projects, user forms, command modules, classes are stored. Across the years CorelDRAW user, who uses VBA automatization creates many user projects. But t...
Miroslav Balchev 3 months ago in  0

Keep settings, profiles etc. when updating / upgrading Corel Draw

With every update / upgrade of Corel, I loose all my settings and profiels - palettes, pdf-settings etc. And it takes me a lot of time, to transfer the settings manually by editing txt-files etc. It would be a great help, when all these things cou...
Uli Linn about 1 year ago in  0

CorelDraw Customer Support - Does it actually exist?

What is going on with Coreldraw Customer Support? The Chat is useless. It takes a week to receive a reply and then the advice is inaccurate.
Guest about 1 year ago in  7 Being explored

Object remains editable after rotation!

Hello everyone, especially with technical drawings or when creating architectural plans, it makes sense to be able to edit rotated rectangles after rotation without resetting the rotation beforehand. See PDF file.
Ralf Böhm about 2 months ago in  1

Please review the ability of the program to maintain default outline widths in millimetres (it seems to revert randomly to points)

I personally only use millimetres in my measurements. Unfortunately my defaults seems to be easily be changed... maybe when new files are opened, I am unsure. A way to robustly lock this measurement to millimetres would be good.
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Please add an interactive slider to change line thickness

It is difficult to design linework without having a slider for this. At present, in order to thicken lines to the desired width, either a dropdown list with preset numbers or typing in values are available.
Guest 7 months ago in  0