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Optimize Corel to work with photos.

I do all my designs with Corel. My works focus on laser cutting and UV printing, so I use a lot of photography. Doing such a job is very difficult, since the program is not optimized. It becomes a very slow program, coming to close (which often le...
Otoniel Palmés Pérez 2 months ago in  0

Add Arch Text Tool

Hi develops, We made a cardboard cup for travel agency, our customers want to print on cup their ogo and slogan our diecuts are conical type we work on coreldraw and add a envelope tool on text but not a appily conical effct on text or logo we mus...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

PDF import - paragraph text support

when you import a PDF document, draw breaks paragraphs into individual lines of artistic text. This make editing almost impossible.
Guest 3 months ago in  2

Calculate Area of Objects

It would be handy if Corel Draw calculated the area of an object similar in the way it can calculate the length of a curve under Object Properties
Guest 6 months ago in  0

Adjustable Navigation window (Shortcut N)

the Size of the Navigation window is very small and hasn't changed for years, so you just cant do precise panning. The idea of viewing the whole "Used Area" is useful so I believe it has better potential than this and needs to be upgraded by doing...
Guest 27 days ago in  0

More 3d features like in illustrator.

No description provided
Guest about 1 year ago in  2 More info required

Renaming a page tab by double-clicking

Renaming a page tab by double-clicking
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Set the object's round corners feature like Adobe Illustrator

Set the object's round corners feature the same as in Adobe Illustrator.We already have this corner rounding mode in the program itself, but it is only possible to use it on rectangles.
Guest about 1 year ago in  3

Use Corel's page imposition tools in Publish to PDF

I recently created a 60 page legal size file that was to be saddle stitched. The file was to be used online in reader's spread and printed as a 60 page booklet (7" wide x 8 1/2" high pages) I created it in reader's spread. I can print to PDF becau...
Tommy Westbrook about 1 year ago in  6

Add export all pages to export docker

Right now export docker can export objects, multi-objects, or current page. Add command to export multiple pages or all pages will be a great timesaving.
Krisada about 1 year ago in  1 Being explored