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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 19, 2022
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Performance? Merged

Hi Guys, is anyone else having some performance problems with the up to date version? Crashes when you work with fonts and in general a not so good performance even if your pc is up to date?

Any tips to improve this? I feel a bit lonely here.

Thank you.

  • Guest
    Sep 1, 2022

    I have the same damn problem. No matter what I do, it crashes and try to save EVERYTIME I do anything. I rarely get more than 3-4 actions before it crashes. Corel needs to fix this N O W !!! — before I make the, uhhh, switch to Illustator or something else. I have used EVERY version since the beginning, and this is what Corel has devolved into being?? A good first place to start is get / hire competent people instead of Asian support folks who are seemingly incapable of operating and / or thinking outside a script. I have to keep calling back, multiple times, before get someone with enough competence to understand my issue — but rarely resolve it. Has anyone figured out how to change the tool icons and other things in Illustrator? What is another option?? EngraveLab is expensive as hell and really is a second rate program that just does not operate a smoothly as we CorelDraw users are used to having.