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Created by Thierry Chadelaud
Created on Apr 3, 2022

Update Corel Draw graphics suite import/export files formats

Many imported or exported file formats are either too old versions or formats that have become infrequently used. Sometimes the limitations when importing a file are too important. See for example the handling of Adobe AI and PSD formats. There are even limitations between native Corel software formats. I think it's important to update all of this so that users of the suite can work without difficulty in one format or another while limiting constraints as much as possible.

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  • Michael Belanger
    May 26, 2022

    This is critical for my work. My clients use different products and I need to be able to load and export to those formats. Importing Illustrator's AI format specifically is unusuable.

  • Kürşad Çakır
    Apr 4, 2022

    Nice suggestion. Especially CorelDRAW needs to import PDF's correctly. I can put import filter for PDF file format top on the list.

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