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Created by Christopher Allen
Created on May 28, 2024

Photo-paint is falling behind

I want to remove an object with Photo-paint. I see all this magic stuff from your main competitor so decided to see if there was something like it in PP. All I could find was Paint Shop Pro tuts. I asked about it in a chat and was told that it wasn't in PP, but I was welcome to buy PSP. WTF? So I have to MORE to get what I should already have??? That's like have a feature in a Volkswagen beetle but not having it in the Mercedes. ANYTHING IN YOUR CHEAP PROGRAM SHOULD BE IN THE EXPENSIVE PROGRAM. The only reason it shouldn't be in the expensive program is if the expensive program has something better.

I used to say that if Adobe was Mercedes, Corel was BMW. But with Photo-paint you're becoming more like FIAT.

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