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CorelDRAW Ideas Portal
Created by William Kansepa
Created on Apr 11, 2024

Object/Image Linking

CorelDRAW has largely ignored or gave up on image linking functionality. My request is as follows:

  • Ability to replace linked images easily. Suppose I need to replace multiple instances, I should be able to do this with a few clicks of the mouse instead of re-importing to replace images

  • Ability to update linked images easily (include option to update automatically or manually)

  • Pop-up alert whenever a linked image has been edited or updated

  • Display Performance Options i.e. Normal, Wireframe, Enhanced, Pixels

  • An updated Sources panel which is exciting

  • Linked images should also display properly when exported to image format eg tif, jpg etc... as they do when you export to pdf

Implementing the above would go a long way in bringing CorelDRAW in par with other competing software.

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