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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 21, 2024

CorelDRAW on Mac: Fix the bugs

I don't even know where to start with all the problems I encounter daily. This is just a general prayer to you: stop creating new features and fix the bugs. Please.

I installed the latest update, and I noticed that none of the problems I deal with on a daily basis had been fixed.


All the years that CorelDRAW has been back on MacOS, it has been extremely laggy. Nothing ever happens precisely at a click of the mouse, but rather a half a second later. I select an object, and just a bit later it indicates that it has been selected. Why not right away? Nobody knows. Does it really take an M2 chip MacBook so long to figure out what it's supposed to do?


Whenever I have multiple project files open, within ten minutes one or several of them turn unstable. Objects change their sizes and places, disappear and reappear, stretch, turn upside down... The display just goes berserk. This is constant. No matter what project I'm working on. I've been using several different Macs over the years, always pretty much the most powerful models available, and it's the same thing on all of them.

Also, the Magic Mouse / Trackpad scrolling stops working after an undetermined time. Sometimes after 15 minutes, sometimes after an hour — but eventually it always stops working. After that I have to either use the scroll bars and zoom, or close the project and reopen it.


Saving files can be a nightmare. I never know, when the file has actually been saved. It could be done in a few seconds, or it might take more than a minute. After I have clicked Save, I may try to for example close the window. Nothing happens. The only thing I can think of, is that the app is still in the middle of the saving process. So I wait. And try again later to close the window, nothing happens. And I wait some more, and so on.

I know that some of my project files are quite big. I use them as image libraries of sorts. So I know that it might take some time to save them. But please, PLEASE, give us a way to know when the saving process is actually done! It's no use doing it in the background, if it prevents doing things on the foreground! I would rather just go and get some coffee than sit in front of the screen and try to guess when the saving process is done. A clear sign saying "NOW you can close this project", somewhere on the screen — please! There is nothing to be ashamed about, Adobe does this with all its apps, too!

This is also something that happens almost every day: I click Save and start to Open another file. The app crashes. So please, do this differently. If the size of the project file needs to be under certain limit, just show a warning that the file is getting too big and too hard to handle. Adobe does this, too.


The mouse cursor is very inaccurate. Often, I can clearly see that the pointer is not above any object — but when I click and start to drag a selection area, I have to stop, because I have accidentally selected an object and started to move it. Extremely annoying. Yes, if I zoom closer, I gain more accuracy — but if I can see with my eyes that the pointer is above a clear spot, then the app should know that too!


Sometimes it takes over two minutes to open the app. Right after restarting the computer, no other apps open... And the CorelDRAW icon just keeps on bouncing at the bottom of my display. Why does it take so long? Is there any way to reduce the time? Maybe I don't even use any of the scripts and structures the app is loading in? Maybe I never use them? I use pretty much just the most basic functions.


The little things. The tiniest things. Details! For example, when I click to open the popup menu to change the line width, very often at first the "None" option is hidden. Not always, of course not always. But very often! And I need quite often precisely the "None" option. I have to scroll the small menu up one notch to see the "None" option. Hello? You have a huge screen available! Why do you need a scroll menu at all, just show all the options! Make the popup menu longer!

Plus, also very often, when I click to open that line width popup menu and try to scroll down, the menu just disappears! I have to click to open it again. So there is a bug of some kind. Definitely.


More little things. If the project has more objects than the Objects list can show at once, a scroll bar appears. Fine — but the scroll bar covers "Lock" and "Disable Print" icons!

I know, whine whine whine... That's what customers do. But it's a very expensive piece of software — and paying that much, EVERY YEAR, I kind of wish that my basic everyday usage wouldn't be such a constant struggle.

Unfortunately, after ten years of using CorelDRAW on Windows and then shifting to Macs, I'm just married to Corel. I have thousands of pictures that can only be opened with Corel — and I still use them all. I need Corel. I once tried to move everything to Adobe Illustrator, but I had very little luck. Many of the pictures are just too complex to get the transformation done correctly.

So, I hope you hire a big team that concentrates solely on fixing bugs. I'm pretty sure that all the ones I have mentioned here are familiar to hundreds of other users as well.

Thank you.

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