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Created on Oct 11, 2023

Provide option for viewing scale from design screen

I would love to see & update the scale I am currently using right from the design screen (EX: 1" - 1'-0", 1:4, etc)

    Oct 20, 2023

    In CorelDRAW on Windows you can do that today, using the built-in UI customization options.

    To add the drawing scale functionality to the Properties bar (the toolbar above the drawing window), click the + sign on the right of that toolbar, then select "Customize..." from the bottom of the dropdown menu (as you want to add a new item that isn't part of the listed items).

    In the Options dialog (> Customization > Commands), select "All (Show All Items)", then search for "scale". The first item that should appear in the search results is the "Drawing Scale" tool:

    Drag and drop it into the Properties bar (e.g., next to the Units selector) to have it appear in that toolbar. Click OK to close the Options dialog, thereby confirming that UI customization. It will be stored in your active workspace when you exit the application (and it will remain there from that point on).

    Note that the Properties bar is context-sensitive. It displays different tools depending on the object(s) and/or tools selected in the application. In this example I'm using the Properties bar in its state with no object selected, and the Pick tool active (the toolbar is showing page/document related properties in that case).

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