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Created on Oct 6, 2023

cloning windows 10 pro for a company network, with coreldraw graphics suite installed.

I am a system admin, i need to install windows 10 pro with corel draw for a network of pcs. i would do windows 10 pro imaging or cloning with corel draw installed & updated to 24.3.0... . I need a prompt to enter UserName(Must) & serial# subscription while first opening coreldraw. We use version 24.3.0 ... (Currently coreldraw only give option to enter Serial#)

    Oct 9, 2023

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers software deployment options that are described with detailed instructions for IT in the "Deployment Guide" that you can find here:

    Note that software deployment is only avaiable with software license types that allow for multi-seat installations (e.g., "Enterprise License" and subscription licenses).

    Also, please note that the current product version is 24.5, available as "September 2023 Subscriber Update" for these license types.

    With a license purchase you receive a download URL that provides you with installation files image (ISO) file downloads, and also the link to the Deployment Guide and other helpful information for multi-seat software deployment.

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