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Created on Aug 19, 2023

a system to make multiple id cards with picture

school id cards

    Sep 20, 2023

    Thanks for your suggestion in the Ideas Portal!

    With the new September 2023 Subscriber Update the Print Merge functionality in CorelDRAW has been significantly enhanced and now supports bitmap images (paths) as well as QR codes for Variable Data Print (VDP).

    The latest update includes two new variable data types, images and QR codes, enabling you to integrate diverse data into your projects and produce richer outputs with ease. In addition to columns holding text and numeric values, you can now create path columns and specify file paths. This allows you to seamlessly incorporate image assets such as logos, icons, or photographs into your merged documents. By merging unique QR codes for each record, you can supply customized experiences for your audience. Enhanced alignment and scaling options for images and QR codes give you complete control over the position and size of the visuals in the final output.

    The update can be downloaded from the Patches & Updates page.

    Note that the enhanced Print Merge functionality is exclusively available to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscribers.

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