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CorelDRAW Ideas Portal
Created by Erich Grillitsch
Created on Jun 22, 2023

A "pain free" way to report a bug.

Right now, I'm not sure, how I should report a bug, when I find one.

There seems to be two ways:

  1. Use the "Ideas Portal"

  2. Use the support

The "Ideas Portal" is definitly not designed for that purpose and misses nessecary features. It would also not match the "Ideas" purpose.

The support is way to cumbersome.

I'd like to see something more suitable for this, because I encounter often bugs in very different situations, which are reproduceable - but I don't reach out to Corel because of the time consuming way to use the support. And then, you don't see or hear anything about the issue - will it be solved, has it been solved already...

This feedback is kind of a reward for my bug-reporting-work and I would definitly like to see what other people report too.

I write this because of having some reproduceable bugs on the stack and I won't do anything to report them as it works for now.

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