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Created by Sean A
Created on May 26, 2023

Stop Making CorelDRAW phone home and login in order to use the software

I just ran into an issue on the Mac where the forced login to creates a problem that locks users out of the program.

It doesn't present an issue on Windows, but for the Mac, the formatting of the pop-up is incorrect, so you cannot access the fields to log in.

I use the standalone version of CorelDRAW. I shouldn't have to log in so I can use the application. By creating a process that locks me out of the program unless I sign in, you turn the standalone application into an ad-served application since I am only being signed in so that I can be shown ads for Corel products.

I should not be forced to accept ads to use the software. People looking to use CorelDRAW standalone products for business purposes should pay attention to how many days I am locked out of the software because their team could not be bothered to make sure the pop-ups they serve are formatted correctly for the operating system they are to appear on. Anyone with only one platform choice could be looking at DAYS of lost revenue because Corel currently had CorelDRAW configured as an ad-supported software.


So as it turns out, this is a holiday weekend in the USA. Let's hope they don't observe it in Canada. This is the third day I am locked out of the software and if they are not on the ball I won't have another contact until Tuesday. Thank God this is a personal project I was working on. Imagine if you were locked out of what was supposed to be stand-alone software for at least 5 days while you were working on a PAID project. And since the only reason they are forcing you to sign is so they can advertise new versions and sales, CorelDRAW is adware that you must have an internet connection to use.

This is shameful.


On a whim, I decided to see if it was still a problem and it is. Only now, the pop-up window seems properly formatted so that you can access all the fields but since the page constantly refreshes (every 1-2 seconds it seems) you can't fill in the data fast enough before the page refreshes and you have to start again. This is nightmarish. I included a picture of the pop-up properly formatted but still unusable because the new image may reveal the problem. A message comes up asking me to connect to the internet. I am most definitely connected but it does not seem to recognize. Or perhaps the Mac OS is recognizing this pop-up as virus activity.

Again, this is nightmarish. And it shows the amateur level at which this software is being developed. And even if a fix was handled in the background, the fact that CorelDRAW is adware has been revealed by this blunder.

Nobody should be paying as much as they charge for a stand-alone version of CorelDRAW for it to only be usable if you agree to view ads. That's sick!


Four days after the saga began, it ends. All the tweaking in the background finally made it so that I can put my information in and access my work. As bad of a headache this all was, I am glad I am now aware of how bad it is when companies switch to Subscription models. I never thought twice about logging in to my Corel account when I was asked because I never thought I would be locked out of the program if I refused or was unable to do so. Now that I am aware, I think everyone should be wary of buying CorelDRAW stand-alone versions because the application literally does not stand alone. As it stands now, you must agree to view ads and solicitations in order to continue to use CoreDRAW and that is NOT cool.

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  • Admin
    Kavitha Jayaram
    Jun 1, 2023

    Corel has been made aware of a sign-in issue (May 30th, 2023) which only affected CorelDRAW on Mac. (Windows was fine)

    For a fresh clean installation of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Mac, this issue had been fixed (May 31st).

    If you are still facing the issue, it is recommended to perform the following:
    1. Go to user’s home folder,
    2. Remove the current user’s Messages folder
    3. ~/Library/Preferences/Corel/Messages
    4. Re-Launch app

    You may need to sign-in again once, to authenticate your product.

    If this is not working for you, please contact support ( ) and ensure you have your serial number handy.

  • Kürşad Çakır
    Jun 1, 2023

    I get same problem on macOS