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Created by Guest
Created on May 10, 2023

suggestions for improvements

Hello everything is fine?

I'm a content creator related to graphic design and digital art.

I've been using Corel Draw since 2015 and continue to use Corel Draw even though most of my professional colleagues have migrated to Adobe Illustrator.

Here in Brazil, the minimum wage is between 1,300 reais, there would be no way for beginner users to buy a lifetime license or subscribe to Corel's annual plan, if they still haven't had the opportunity to generate extra income because they haven't even learned to use the software, this is a of the reasons why unfortunately the software ends up being very pirated, Adobe allows the user to pay an affordable amount per month, Corel could have this benefit for student users at least.

Another thing I miss is having more improved features in Corel draw, I still use the 2019 version because the current version did not convince me to migrate and the value I still consider high for those who are already users of a previous version, they could have a better discount.

I also miss a tool with a watercolor painting effect, I know that Corel Painter exists for that, but there are very few users who really prefer this software for painting, people who work with digital painting prefer to use other software such as: photoshop, krita, medibang paint, procreate, among others.

In Corel I miss artistic media brushes that could refer to watercolor effects or gouache paint, it wouldn't need to be improved as in Corel Painter, but it could have brushes a little more elaborate.

I think Corel's chamfer and emboss tool is not very useful, I don't see almost anyone using it, it would be nice to improve it to give it an inflating effect, like a 3D effect. This inflated 3D effect is new in Illustrator, it would be great to have something similar in Corel Draw and I believe the bevel and emboss tool could be improved to give a similar effect.

Here is a link to the video showing this effect:

The mesh tool is interesting and a bit complex, I've already created work with it but it's a nice resource. I can create effects that simulate realism like 3D with the mesh tool and with some processes using Gaussian blur, but there are several steps to arrive at the result of a satisfactory effect, if I had a tool that automatically applied this effect that refers to 3D it would be nice!

I understand that developing a software must be extremely difficult, but I would really like to see Corel Draw become the number one in the world, it lacks a little more improvement in some tools, it needs to warm up the profiles on social networks, create some type of content for generate interest in people, corel profiles on social networks have no interaction, no tutorials, tips, lives, content about design, nothing... Corel is missing a great opportunity to use social networks to attract new customers and fans Corel, on social networks there is competition with several other profiles, from all kinds of niches, if you don't create some type of content that generates engagement, that generates people's desire to acquire the software, this will lose strength and consequently people they will buy from the competitor who is attracting them with some content that generates value for them. Please listen to us, offer better purchasing possibilities for first-time users who cannot afford to invest in the software by paying more than R$1000 at one time, allow first-time users or students monthly payment option, it will change the game !

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