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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 10, 2023

Stop making Corel less functional for machines that require fill patterns.

I use Corel in cunjuction with lasers. Randomly DXF files fail to fill properly and must be saved from lower versions. Corel updates are to blame, and the Laser software glitches and can not be updated as frequently as corel. No Problem 6 months ag, now it wont work, I am requred to use 19version. This was not a problem before subscription. Also we had to retire a laser simply because it could only run off of Corel 9 which allowed a function for an outside "holding line"

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  • Admin
    Klaus Vossen
    Mar 13, 2023

    Can you provide more info about the issues you're describing here, e.g.:

    • which DXF export settings are you using?

    • what Laser hardware and software are these problems occurring with?

    • which versions (Build no.) of CorelDRAW are you experiencing the problems with (e.g., the latest version is the "March 2023 Subscriber Update" which is version 24.3; CorelDRAW 2019 was version 21.x; CorelDRAW 2017 was version 19.x)

    Note that the most recent CorelDRAW updates have been released as update patches which helps plugins to be continuously supported without a need to update the plugins with each CorelDRAW update. Between CorelDRAW 2022 (version 24.0 - 24.2) and the new CorelDRAW 2023 (March 2023 Update) plugins are supported without any update to the plugin required.

    Sample files might be helpful to investigate the issue(s) further. You may want to reach out to Customer Support to help troubleshoot the problem(s). You will likely be asked for sample files to illustrate the problem.

    In case you did already contact Customer Support, please add the support ticket numbers here for reference.

    Thanks in advance for additional information.