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Created by yılmaz hoca
Created on Mar 11, 2022


As far as I know, I will suggest a feature that is not available in any 2D program. My suggestion is called Vector effect layer.

----Only black and white drawings can be made on the vector layer. Pictures can be placed. From the black gray white balance in the effect layer of any working layer that will be put under it. The effect layer sees any drawing or picture on the layer as a numeric value and changes the lower working layer according to that value. The black ones will be the highest and the white ones will be the lowest.

----For example, let's say a layer is a point effect layer. Let a black and white drawing or brush strokes or painting that we do on this layer create points in the drawing on the lower working layer. It is said that this feature already exists in Corel, but this is a much more advanced version. In an existing one, for example, you have to make a selected square completely a point. But the effect is not like that in the layer. Only the black parts in the effect layer become dots according to the degree of gray. The darkest spots form the largest, the lightest spots the smallest. With the effect layer, we create points as we want and we have the opportunity to change them very easily.

----If the bottom layer has only closed lines, according to the black and white areas in the effect layer it will be as if you have given a very different blend to those lines. However, all changes in this system will be very easy. If you put, for example, a color effect layer on top of it, this time all the drawings where that color is (and the dots above it) will be colored. Because the dots will follow the drawing direction, effects that you can't normally do will come out.

---- You don't have to just assign points to the point effect layer. It could be any way. Or it could be text.

----For example, effect layers must have a blur layer. You will say you already have. But this one is different. The existing blur affects the entire selected object. But in the model I propose, whatever shape is in the effect layer and where that shape comes from on the bottom shape, only that place is affected by the black gray white value. You can't normally do this.

----Another effect layer is the enlargement reduction layer. Each object at the bottom grows and shrinks with respect to each space above. This includes the articles. In which effect layer the layers to be affected will be affected can also be in the options. If there are lines on the bottom layer, the lines should be thick and thin.

---Opacity and drop shadow effect layers must also be present. ---effect layers should be able to be used on top of each other. It should be possible to select which effects will affect the working layers.

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