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Created by Sean A
Created on Dec 2, 2022

Rename the Mac Version of CorelDRAW and Continue Supporting it Until it is Feature Complete

The Mac version of CorelDRAW shares the same name but it does not share the same toolset. It's close, but it isn't there. Even the Help menu is incomplete. Too many help menu links take you to PC-specific instructions. Missing features make it impossible to accomplish certain tasks in the Mac version. If the functionality does exist, no documentation exists to show how it would be done.

Here is the problem: if someone paid for the mac version of CorelDRAW 2022 it is reasonable to presume it has the same functionality as the PC version of the same name. That is not what the Mac version delivers.

It would be very unfair to stick people who paid for the Mac version with an incomplete implementation of the program. So I suggest either continuing to update support for the Mac version regardless of subscription status until it is feature complete or renaming the Mac version (CorelDRAW for Mac or something similar) and continuing to support it until it is at least as feature complete as it should have been upon its initial release.

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