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Created on Mar 10, 2022

CorelDraw Customer Support - Does it actually exist?

What is going on with Coreldraw Customer Support? The Chat is useless. It takes a week to receive a reply and then the advice is inaccurate.

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  • Admin
    Klaus Vossen
    Feb 14, 2023

    Thank you for your additional feedback, Erich. This is all valuable input to help us improve Customer Support.

    You received a notification as the status of the entry in the Ideas Portal (that you have subscribed to) has been updated. We have flagged Customer Support issues raised in this portal (which is originally meant to share enhancement or new feature ideas so that other users can vote for it).

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  • Erich Grillitsch
    Feb 13, 2023

    I've got an email today relating to this ticket. Has anything changed which I'm not aware of?

    However, I have the very same experience with the support. The support integration in the software is completely lacking. You can contact the support via Help Menu, but then you have to file all the information by hand (version, serial number,...) which actually should be available anyway. Then you wait at least one day before someone (maybe just a bot?) comes up with a bunch of useless suggestions. It can take a week or more until you get to a person how has maybe a clue, what you are talking about. So you waste a lot of time and - at least I - got never ever any solutions for my problems from the support. I always had to solve them by myself with workarounds, waiting for an update, or using other software like the adobe suite. By the way, I've also two full adobe licences and the support there is what one would expect. I had three issues there so far. They solved two of them within 30min, and one took about an hour (yes, the chat their works with results!)

    On the other hand, you have to consider the price tag. My ten Corel licences are cheaper than the two adobes. But as the company grows, it boils down to the point, where all the wasted time is more costly then the licence fee. Although I love CorelDraw, I'm already considering to change completely.

  • Juliet Campbell
    Jul 7, 2022

    Hi Eric, are you part of the Coreldraw support team? If so, just the fact that it took months for a representative to respond to this idea thread further proves my point that Corel Draw customer support is way too slow 😅

  • Eric Surprenant
    Jul 7, 2022

    There was a glitch in the system at that time which was rectified. You should normally get a response back within 24hrs during business time when a ticket is created from
    Chat should be quicker however in either cases preparing advance of time and providing the following information will effectively reduce the back and forth communication with the agent.

    Here is the type of information we need and will be asked to provide:

    Product name:

    Product version:

    Product build # (check Help > About):

    Product serial number:

    Seat count:


    OS name & bit:

    OS build #:


    Input device(s) used which seems to alter/cause a change in behavior (e.g., tablet, digital pen, touch screen, trackpad, scanner, mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc.):

    Printer selected, name and driver version, if at fault:


    This could help in cases where it is a hardware or driver-specific issue.

    MSINFO32 report

    Processor/CPU model:

    Graphics/GPU model:


    Observed Issue:

    Legacy or Regression? (Is this something that always worked that way (Legacy) or stopped working at some point (Regression)? If so, can you identify which version this was working on?)

    Steps to replicate: (Try to keep under 10 steps, removing all the unnecessary steps.)



    Actual result:

    Expected result:



    If you can replicate the issue, please attach a video.

    - Documents, video clips, screengrabs, crash dumps, anything that can help.

    - ICA*.log, *PCU*.*, *dump*.*, files under the user %temp% might be required.

  • Juliet Campbell
    May 18, 2022

    Agreed. Coreldraw as a program is wonderful, but the support service is diabolical.
    When chat couldn't resolve my problem I was issued a support ticket which took them a week to respond to, and didn't even include or address my initial chat transcript, so I had to explain my issue all over again, which in turn took ANOTHER week to respond to, resulting in our company being unable to use the program, further resulting in lost revenue for our design company.
    I got the feeling the support person didn't actually understand how Corel works, and was perhaps just operating from a script, as they they kept suggesting solutions I had already explained.
    I get the impression Corel Support is outsourced to another company, I found it odd that their support emails barely had any Corel branding, and the support staff don't even have proper email signatures? For a graphic design program? I literally designed my own email signature in Coreldraw!

  • Graph Fix
    Mar 11, 2022

    For me it does. I recently had a problem with certain options not working in upsample or powertrace. Support did get back to me in a couple of days and did a good job in telling me how to resolve the issue.


it would be a good idea to have tech support for your customers, my software does not work.

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