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Created by Robert Davidson
Created on Jul 11, 2022

Need to improve or create a new compression system to decrease working file size.

I have been using CD since its inception back on an 8086 PC and I'm a very loyal customer, but I'm starting to feel I've outgrown its capabilities...I need something that will handle the level of detail I work with. Working with both CDR and CPT files I find they quickly become extremely large. There needs to be a serious improvement in the way Corel suite handles the data for the files. I have dozens and dozens of files that range from 700k mb to 1+gb then I have dozens of itterations of each of it ends up taking up terrabytes of space and gigs of RAM to work with them. When working on very detailed designs I can have up to 1500 layers and it crashes at that level of detail. Please improve the working file size so I can continue to make the designs I love on software I love!

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