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Created by Shubham Khatri
Created on Jul 6, 2022

not idea but it's kinda bug

Hi There

Reason For writing In hear Is that i cannot Find any Way To Report a This issue or kind a big

I Have Downloaded The Corel Draw Graphic Suit 2021 Version - 23.0.0 Running As a Trial Because Just Want To Check The Interface Now After The Trail Expired i can not use main features like save, copy, cut or export a file, Just Exploring Software Interface Just as a viewer But Wait What If i Say That i Found a Loophole Or a Bug In circumstances where after trial get over you can actually Export your designs To The Another Software Like Photoshop and then export in file as you want through that software

so what happen hear

1- I Created Design Now i Does Not have Rights To Exports That Design But i Have One Thing

2 - Simply i Just Select All Objects And Then Drag And Drop That Object in in Other Software Like Photoshop Page

3- Boom The Design Has Been Drop In Photoshop

4- Now You Can Export That Design In Any File Format That Photoshop is Allowing

so i think this should not work like this, because the definition i know of expired trial software is you should get your data with watermark or just explore the software as a viewer than if you like you can buy

Note - i am not sure that this issue Is fixed In 2022 versions if it's fix then this is good and if not then you can just check this issue because i generally think that this is a issue

Thank You.........

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