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CorelDRAW Ideas Portal
Created by Anna Lopez - CORELCLUB-ORG
Created on Jun 21, 2022

Improve POINTILLIZER by adding style presets to apply faster the HALFTONE VECTOR EFFECT, pixel effect, pointillism, etc.

Many CorelDRAW users are unaware of the enormous creative possibilities added to CorelDRAW by the Pointillizer extension ( included in CorelDRAW since CorelDRAW 2018). With Pointillizer you can create the famous vector halftone effect very easily with some extra customization.

It´s also possible to apply other very interesting creative vector effects such as pixel style, engraving, or pop pointillism. Here I posted two tutorials about Pointillizer with some samples > and

My idea/suggestion is to add style presets to Pointillizer options docker, so the user can apply faster preset styles, that could be for example vector Halftone Effect, Pointillism, Pixel style,etc.

Mi idea/sugerencia es añadir estilos preestablecidos a las opciones incluidas en la ventana acoplable de Pointillizer, de modo que el usuario pueda aplicar más rápido estilos preestablecidos que podrían ser por ejemplo: el Efecto Semitono Vectorial, Puntillismo, estilo pixelado, etc.

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