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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 20, 2022

Make thumbnails of the Object Styles available in the panel - find styles with duplicate properties

Some companies (engineering, fashion- and textile design for example), often have documents with literally dozens of Object Styles and Stylesets in them. This makes it a) really hard to pick a style using just the name, and b)having too many styles involved can really increase the file size.

The following improvements to the Object Styles docker would be really useful.

Firstly, include a function that allows you to search for multiple styles that have identical properties, so that duplicates can be removed. Then, assign the remaining style to any objects that had been using the duplicates.

Secondly, instead of having to hover over each style name to see what it looks like, allow a thumbnail view to be enabled. Attached is an image of a typically 'overloaded' object styles docker.

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