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Created by Guest
Created on May 20, 2022

Fix before adding

Too many common errors with the newer versions that need to be addressed before adding features. I am in V. 21 with a Core i7 8th Gen processor, added RAM/Memory and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card (my specs are substantial)... FOR THE RECORD, ALL ISSUES LISTED HERE ALL WORKED JUST FINE IN X6...

"Default" outline feature not working in Outline Dialogue box (when stretching text).

There is a glitch in "Outline Trace"... You have to deselect then reselect "Delete Original" check box to get it to work... Also Outline Trace does not save any of the options from previous selections.

When "printing to a file" (for postscript purposes), there is no file name included with the export, requiring manually naming the export (this is just flat out pathetic).

The "Extrude" feature is faulty... Once an object/text is extruded, if you then copy and paste that same object/text, the extrude distorts and does not maintain shape. The Extrude feature in general is horribly faulty...

Font list is horribly slow. I do not have that many fonts on my machine to make it run slow. I can open up my old version of X6 and cycle through the "exact same fonts", the font list is smooth and efficient, it's great. Open up V.21 with again "the exact same set of fonts on same machine", and the font list is slow, jumpy, glitchy, won't accurately respond to initiating a search by typing the first letter, etc, etc...

Lastly, in X6 the Jpg Export PREVIEW Dialogue Box was very high resolution and gave you a very good and accurate representation of detail... The export preview in V.21 is low res and pixelated... Please explain this one? You can't accurately preview detail. The only way is to finish the export, then go and open the file in Photo viewer or something to see detail... wow.

AND WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ADDING NEW FEATURES??????? If you can't be a successful graphic designer with the amount of features already present in this program, then you need a new career. Please FIX Corel!!!!!!!!

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