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Created on May 18, 2022
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New Feature: an eyedropper tool that selects all objects of the same color Merged

CorelDRAW has two eyedropper tools - one for color/fill and the other for object properties. I'd like to see an additional eyedropper that works similarly to the one in Adobe Illustrator - one click on an object and all objects with the same color are automatically selected.

Find and Replace takes too many clicks to do the same thing: click on an object > open Find and Replace > choose 'From Selected object' > then click on 'Find all'...

  • Bruce Younggreen
    Jul 15, 2022

    This would be such an important tool when tracing photographs to convert them to vectors. The trace tool produces a custom color list but does not group by colors. Often, I would like to select every object of a specific color and change them all slightly or to join them into a single object. Very hard to do when you want to do this for every color in the tracing.