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Created by Guest
Created on May 18, 2022

Fix page numbering so it doesn't crash the program

I'm a mac user and have tried to use this function but am now scared too because it seems to make any document I use it in so unstable I'm afraid I will end up losing all my work.

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  • Eric Surprenant
    Jul 7, 2022

    Please specify the version used and/or give 2022 Trial a go.

    Corel is committed to fixing 100% of crashes but we need details, reproducible steps, files, general information, and error reports.


    Crash reports on the macOS

    Follow these steps to create a crash report on the macOS and attach it to a ticket.

    Click Finder.

    Click on the Applications (or Shift+⌘+A).

    Click Utilities (or Shift+⌘+U).

    Double-click Console.

    Click on User Reports.

    Select the latest crash dump file (it is sorted by date/time).

    Select all the crash dump info on the right using (⌘+A) and then copy it using (⌘+C)

    Open TextEdit from Applications.

    Paste the crash dump info (⌘+V).

    Choose File > Save.

    Give the file a meaningful name and save it on the Desktop.

    Attach the text file to the ticket.

    Repeat the preceding steps for any additional user report that needs to be added to the ticket


    Once you have crash dumps, some steps, product version, and other information as seen in the template below the development team at Corel can try to see in debug mode where the crash occurs and potentially address it. However, we need your help, and each instance is different and needs to be reported to Tech Support via our website by Creating a support ticket here (

    Here is the type of information we need and will be asked to provide:

    Product name:

    Product version:

    Product build # (check Help > About):

    Product serial number:

    Seat count:


    OS name & bit:

    OS build #:



    Input device(s) used which seems to alter/cause a change in behavior (e.g., tablet, digital pen, touch screen, trackpad, scanner, mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc.):

    Printer selected, name and driver version, if at fault:


    This could help in cases where it is a hardware or driver-specific issue.

    Processor/CPU model:

    Graphics/GPU model:


    Observed Issue:

    Legacy or Regression? (Is this something that always worked that way (Legacy) or stopped working at some point (Regression)? If so, can you identify which version this was working on?)

    Steps to replicate: (Try to keep under 10 steps, removing all the unnecessary steps.)



    Actual result:

    Expected result:



    If you can replicate the issue, please attach a video.

    - Documents, video clips, screengrabs, crash dumps, anything that can help.