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Created on May 17, 2022

External Assets Management

The current assets management is part of the CorelDraw program. It makes it slow and if it crashes it takes down the program along with it.

If the assets management program is separate from the main CorelDraw program it can make it more reliable.

Allowing community members to create extensions for the assets management that will allow them to share their own artwork with other subscription-based Corel Members. Overall assets are an important part of the design process. The options are limitless.

Having the asset program separated could allow the user to use the assets purchased with other Corel applications, which incentivizes the user to buy more assets.

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  • Cameron Moore
    Mar 24, 2024

    There used to be a Corel Connect Content application in previous versions. It has been removed from the suite. Did you ever use it? I personally found it faster to just stay inside the Docker. There have been improvements to the Assets docker in recent versions, have you tried it? If it's crashing, then let's get the crashes fixed! "Corel is committed to fixing 100% of crashes but we need details, reproducible steps, files, general information, and error reports." Have you reported the crashes?