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Created on Apr 27, 2022

Add the ability to use Astute Graphics plugins in CorelDraw

Please, I am very serious about this request, can you work with Astute Graphics to allow their plugins to work with CorelDraw?

I know they are made for Illustrator but they would add so much more functionality and creativity and push the boundaries for CorelDraw. They are constantly developing new plugins or updating and adding more to an existing ones.

If you can not do that please look in depth at all the plugs they have and how they work and add your own version of what all the plugins can do to CorelDraw as new features. Thank you.

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  • Sean A
    May 27, 2023

    I contacted Astute Graphics directly about this, and they suggested any company that wants to use their plugins adopt their vector engine. It is highly doubtful Corel would do that. In the beginning, Astute Graphics plugins added to Illustrator features that CorelDRAW already had. They have outgrown that stage, and Corel would be wise to look at what Astute offers to make DRAW more attractive. The new line thickness tool is an example of an Astute Graphics plugin that made its way into Adobe Illustrators' default toolset and now (finally) CorelDRAW's toolset. Corel needs to move MUCH faster.

    If Corel needs a headstart (and they do), they should get a copy of Von Gltschka's book Vector Graphics Basic Training. In that book, he uses two tools in the VectorScribe Plugin: PathScribe and Dynamic Corners. They can improve on the feature set they already have to exceed the capabilities of those two tools.

  • jim Hagler
    Aug 29, 2022

    you need astute graphics to do this.